Completion destroys fear of Change

September 17, 2013


Today Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) spoke about the Power of Completion and Enriching. He began by telling us that the essence of human life is eternal excitement and that to keep that flowing in our life we must be clear that all our decisions are made out of completion. Any decision made out of incompletion is a disaster. That decision will destroy your life and the life of others. Then he talked about change, how it is the root of excitement and how security and stability can be boring if they are coming from a state of incompletion. However stability without boredom and change without fear are all bliss. We must all make completion our religion, our sadhana our tapas, our practice, our puja and our yoga. Completion is not just a problem solver it is a power giver.Decisions made out of completion and power go on enriching. All children should be taught completion before the age of seven and everyone should practice completion for twenty one minutes daily before bed. Sannyasis and all the orders should practice for a minimum of one hour. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today I will expand on "THE POWER OF COMPLETION AND ENRICHING", how they help each other, how Completion helps enriching, enriching helps completion! Human life in its pure presence is eternal excitement. Please listen! Come to the space of listening! Human life in its pure presence, is eternal excitement. Please listen! Come to the space of listening! Human life in its pure presence, is eternal excitement! That is why, all the qualities of life are based on change. Listen! Change! Is the law created for excitement? But when you try to bring stability, you try to bring a space where the change is not possible. But, unfortunately, even if you are successful in that, you get into the mood of boredom now. Please listen! I am making a very powerful statement. Out of incompletion when you try to bring stability by stopping the change or creating a buffer not to let that change happen in you -- these are some of the important statements, please listen -- when you are really powerless and loveless -- both are one and the same; only when you have power you will be able to love; when you are able to love, you will have tremendous power -- when you are powerless and loveless, you bring marriage as an alternative lifestyle. Please listen! I am not against the marriage system itself; I am against getting married due to the incompletions of insecurity. It is like, if you have insecurity, will this love be ever eternal? If you have a doubt about the person, and insecurity about the person, you cannot milk love from that person out of marriage, please listen, you cannot milk love from a person out of marriage. No! It is not possible! If you have incompletion, fear, insecurity, 'Whether I will have love from this person, or love in my life forever?' -- there are two things: "love from this person" or "at least, love in my life in some form" -- if you have that question, if you have that problem, the first thing you need to do is Completion! The first thing you need to do is Completion! Nothing else! Please understand, I wanted you to understand this important truth. This is the basic truth of the whole Hinduism. From the beginning, all decisions should be towards "nivritti", from completion to more completion, to more completion, to more completion. But, unfortunately, when you start making the decisions externally for your internal incompletions, when there is internal incompletion, whenever you think changing the situation externally is going to alter, is going to change the situation, is going to bring you Completion, you are only going to get into more and more mess. The worst mess a human-being can get into is deciding anything out of incompletion. I have seen people who decide, due to incompletion, to take sannyas, struggle and suffer with their whole life and destroy their life. And same way, people who have decided to get married out of incompletions, destroy two lives -- their own and the other person's also! When you make sannyas decision out of incompletion, you destroy one life. When you make marriage decision out of incompletion, you destroy two lives! See, the whole humanity is nothing but destroying each other's lives. People spend their whole life just to destroy somebody's life! Like yellow journalists! Please listen! Any karma left incomplete, without completing, any action done out of incompletion, is "pravritti" -- more and more dangerous! You need to know: more and more dangerous, more and more disturbing, more and more powerless! Only if you are taught the Science of Completion before the age of seven, you can even grow as a human-being. As early as you can, if you learn Completion and start living in the space of Completion, you come towards the human space! Continuously live in the space of Completion. Completion is the Puja! Completion is the Homa! Completion is the Tapas! Completion is everything! Completion is Tapas!

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