Completion is Healing Power

July 23, 2014


In today's (21st July, 2014) morning satsang from Haridwar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on completion with others. He explained how Kala --Lord of time can heal the emotional wounds we carry by making the incidents irrelevant to your life by the long passage of time and how friendliness heals these same wounds instantly. Friendliness is the nectar you need to pour on yourself every day to be able to celebrate your relationships money and health. He told us to radiate friendliness to everyone and everything and make it the energy we run on when completing with others. TRANSCRIPTS:- I wanted to expand on this same truth today. This Completion with Others – most difficult thing if you are stuck with the pattern of ego-centrism, most easiest thing if you can flow in the space of friendliness, understand? There are only two things that can heal incompletions and wounds in the whole world; nothing else can heal. One is Kaala; another one is Friendliness. Kaala, the Lord of Time, Time can heal by making you forget and removing the impact, and making those wounds, people who gave you those wounds irrelevant to your life. Friendliness can also do the same job, but immediately. Understand, Kaala takes sweet time, his own sweet time to make you forget, heal, complete and make that whole incident irrelevant to your life. For example, surely you will not be carrying deep wounds related to somebody who was part of your life twenty-five years before, and now he is not even there, he is irrelevant to your life; you may not carry the incompletions, wound. May be the pattern you may carry, but not with him, because he is irrelevant for your life anymore, understand? Kaala also heals, but taking a lot of time. If you just wait for Kaala to heal, I tell you, you will miss a lot in life. You can heal it immediately, you can complete much of your incompletions immediately, you can bring yourself to Completion immediately by friendliness. Friendliness is one of the very important nectars, Amrutha, to heal many of the diseases in your body itself. Please understand, most of the incompletions you carry with others will be stored in your bio-memory only as diseases. The incompletions you carry with others, when they are stored in your bio-memory, don’t think they will be sitting in you as a pleasant energy. No! They will be sitting in you as some disorder, disease, discrepancy, disturbance. Friendliness is a powerful nectar which can heal so many of the diseases and disorders in your system before even they express as a full-fledged disease; before even sometimes the pain comes out, it can be healed. Friendliness is the nectar you need to pour on yourself again and again. Friendliness is the nectar you need to drink, take bath in, keep as main source of your life. Only when you awaken the friendliness in you, Completion with others becomes reality. Every day completing with others becomes reality only when you awaken the friendliness. I tell you, money, health, fulfilment in life, contentment, all these can simply become reality with you, can simply become reality in you, and all these can be your reason for celebration if you carry friendliness. Please understand, if you carry friendliness in you, with you, money can be the reason for celebration. Sometimes money itself becomes reason for fear, understand? I have seen people, money becomes the reason for their fear. They are afraid somebody will kill them and take away their money. Money becomes the reason for their suffering. With friendliness if it is generated, money becomes the reason for your celebration, relationships become the reason for your celebration, your health will become reason for your celebration. Friendliness, I tell you, friendliness is the most auspicious thing in the world which can bring all auspiciousness in your life. This one quality – friendliness – not just with the human-beings you see, but also with animals, plants, rivers, hills, the seat you are sitting on, everything you see, radiate friendliness. Today, all of you are going to....all the Inner Awakening participants, all of you are going to talk with so many people, complete with so many of them. Today, whole day, decide, in your eyes, in your tongue, in your ears, in your body, in your thinking, everywhere you will carry friendliness. Let friendliness be the nectar. Let friendliness be the Ganga flowing in you. Let friendliness be the energy that runs you. Whatever you see, you touch, you think, today let everything happen with tremendous friendliness.

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