Completion is Life

July 19, 2014


In today's (19th July, 2014) morning satsang from Haridwar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda spoke about completing with the antakaranas (intranalysing organs) the vaak, ability to speak, integrity, chitta, what you think as you, inner image or responsibility and buddhi the right context of life, enriching or blessing the whole world. He told us that completion on various levels of these three makes true life happen in us. TRANSCRIPTS:- I welcome all of you with my love and respects. Today, twenty-seventh Inner Awakening, fifth day! We will be working on Completion with three major components of your life. Completion with your "Vaak". Please understand, just like you have internal organs -- liver, kidney, heart, for some people brain -- just like you have internal organs, you have something called "antharkarana". In English I don't have an equivalent word for "antharkarana". May be I can give a new word "intranalyzing organs". They are not physically there. If you cut open your body, you will not find those organs, but those organs are responsible for all the inner happenings like your thinking, your words, your decisions. Your thinking may happen in your brain, but brain is not responsible for your thinking, please understand. Thinking may happen in brain, but brain is not the owner of thinking; somebody else is thinking through the brain using the brain. Through your eyes seeing happens. So, there are "antharkaranas". In Vedic tradition, the human physiology and human psychology, we call it Microcosmic Physiology and Psychology. Please understand, in Vedic tradition, the human body is considered as a miniature of the Cosmos. We don't call the human body as an "accident" or "pleasure instrument" or "born out of sin". No! It is a miniature of the Cosmos -- "Pindanda". "Brahmanda" means Macrocosm; "Pindanda" means Microcosm. Our body is microcosm. Biology as a microcosm, Physiology as a microcosm, Psychology as a microcosm is a well-expounded, beautiful subject in Vedic tradition, very beautifully described and explained. It gives the explanations about various "antharkaranas". Due to lack of words in English, I will use the word "intranalyzing organs". Or, may be, even that word is too big. "Intra-Organs", I will give that word. The word "internal organs" cannot be used, because liver, kidney, all these organs are internal organs. "Intra-Organs", I will use that word. "Vaak" is one of the intra-organs. Means, your ability to speak, ability to convert sound into words, that is called "Vaak". Same way, your ability to feel ownership, your ability to feel the right, your ability to feel what belongs to you. So, these intra-organs... Your ability to feel what belongs to you, what is you, is "Chittha". Your ability to speak is "Vaak". This "Vaak, Chittha.... And your ability to live life, that is called "Buddhi". So, these intra-organs like Vaak, Chittha, Buddhi, we will be completing with all that today. Today we will have Completion process with Vaak, Completion process with Chittha, Completion process with Mana, Completion process with Buddhi. Based on the time availability, we will have these sessions one by one. One thing I am so happy about this Inner Awakening, the whole group is so sincere! I am also taking my own time and making sure the whole group goes through the whole experience. Almost whole day I am sitting in the hall. Literally whole day I am sitting in the hall! So, because of this, constantly answering questions, helping people, encouraging them, guiding them, giving them inspiration when they feel 'Aaaah', removing the boredom, tiredness. It is really going beautifully! I feel job satisfaction. Completing with Vaak, bringing Completion to your Vaak is what is "establishing Integrity". Bringing Completion to your Chittha is what is "establishing Responsibility". Completing with your Buddhi is what is "establishing yourself in the right context of life" -- Enriching. Enriching is not actually done for others; it is actually done for yourself. Having the right context of life is Enriching. You go on enriching. Only I am enriching. More than others, only I am enriching. Understand, the person who goes on giving nectar to others, more than others he will only be filled with nectar. Enriching is such a powerful process, such an exciting process, such a joyful process with the right context of life. It brings so much life! I tell you, anything which you are constantly talking about, thinking about, listening about, it becomes alive in you. Whatever you think, talk, listen about, you attract that more and more, and that becomes your experience.

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