Completion -- The Complete Solution

September 27, 2013


In today's morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda teaches us that the main three things we should do in life are to learn the science of completion, practice completion, and be in the space of completion. He explains that real completion is completing the incompletions we are clinging to. Sadly, we were all made to logically believe that completions won't solve our problems. Contrary to popular belief, completion is the ultimate solution to our problems! There is nothing more than completion. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today is the 957th Nithya Satsangh! From today onwards, I'll be announcing even the Nithya Satsangh number; 957th Nithya Satsangh. It is calculated only since 2010, it is not from 2003 when I started my public life, nor from 1978, when I started my life! And today the 20th batch Inner Awakening starting. I welcome all the participants who are here for the Inner Awakening -- Level-1, Level-2, Level-3. And 17th batch eN-Genius is starting. 19th batch Nirahara Samyama. And 9th batch The Samyama. And today, Mahadeva is gracing us as "Ellaam Valla Siddhar". Once, Sundareshwara assumed human form as a mystic Siddha, went around the streets of Madurai, did His energy play, making old as young and young as old. Sundareshwara is Shiva. So today, He is gracing us in that form. Actually, every day during the Inner Awakening program, you will be seeing one form of Mahadeva decorated on the stage, just to remember Mahadeva's Leelas, before starting the day! Before we begin the day, we will remember one of His Leelas and begin our day. It is called "Leela Dhyána". So, as the Leela Dhyána, today's Leela Dhyána, Mahadeva is gracing us as "Ellaam Valla Siddhar". Means, "A Mystic who is omnipotent"! As per the Madurai tradition, one of our Krama Brahmacharis is enacting that role, having the same make-up. "Ellaam Valla Siddhar" is one of the powerful Leela's of Mahadeva. And, today I am happily announcing the inauguration of Washington DC, Nithyananda Vedic Temple! Today, in Washington DC, in Meena Joshi's house, we started the Nithyananda Vedic Temple where Rajarajeshwari, who rules the Cosmos, with Lakshmi and Saraswathi, is gracing Washington DC. Beautiful! It may be a very humble beginning, but you guys will see the Cosmic power will grace Washington DC, infuse positive energy and protect the whole world! Blessings! And you can see the deities -- Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Rajarajeshwari -- and my photograph is there. Blessings! I accepted the Árati. And, Blessings Meena Joshi and the whole Washington DC Sangha, blessings! I am happy to announce the temple is being inaugurated in Washington DC, just before the Navaratri - Devi Temple. Great! So, from today, every day, you will have darshan of one form of Mahadeva, other than Brahmotsava days. This Inner Awakening batch is having a special bonus of Navaratri Brahmotsava -- ten days' festival. During the ten days' festival, we will be having Venkateshwara and Devi. Brahmotsavam is the celebration started by Brahma; from the time of Brahma, when Brahma began the creation. Brahma is the Lord of Creation in Hinduism. When He created the Creation, He created some of the celebrations and festivals. Brahmotsavam means, "Celebrations and Festivals created by the Lord of Creation", Brahma Himself. So, we will be continuing that tradition! Alright! We'll start the satsangh. Today, I'll expand on some of the deeper truths of COMPLETION. And from today, in the morning satsangh also, I will be addressing some of your questions, the Inner Awakening participants' questions. So, if you have any questions, you can drop in the question-box which will be kept later on in the Raja Sabha. In the morning satsangh also, I will continue to answer your questions. So, now, I will speak on some of the sacred truths related to Completion. Please understand, one of the very important, powerful incompletions which can make you powerless is the idea that Completion cannot lead you to reality. Please understand, whenever the very important parts of you which you really hold on to, which you really associate with yourself, which you don't want to give up.......See, there are some incompletions, you don't want to leave them. You feel that is part of your life, very strong part of your life that is a very important component of your life. When you feel there are some parts which you can't give up, and you don't want to give up, you are afraid if you complete, that part may start melting away, leaving you! Please understand, listen, there are some patterns you have in your muscle-memory, just on your muscles -- day-to-day habits like morning if you get up you have to read newspaper, drink a cup of coffee, including smoking -- everything stays only in your muscle-memory. There are some patterns, mental patterns, which go to your bio-memory, like seeking love, seeking attention, feeling loved or not loved, feeling loved or not loved.

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