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November 11, 2013


In today's morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda stresses that completion is life! Do you want to express gratitude, attract love, be in bliss, experience enlightenment, and achieve liberation? Then practice completion! It is the basic rule for living. When we are in the space of completion, we attract all positive attention -- life and people hand us all the best things. Let us declare completion will all our past mental setups. They will lose power over us and we will be heroes in our life! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Today, 21st batch Inner Awakening, 5th day. Inner Awakening Level-2 is beginning, starting. Today, we will be working on the root-patterns and root-cognitions. And, as part of the third day of the Skanda Sashti Brahmotsavam, Subramanya is gracing us today with both his consorts -- Valli and Devasena. With Valli and Devasena, Subramanya Swami is gracing on the Suvarna Mayura Vahana, the Golden Peacock Vehicle. Today, we will be working on how the root-cognitions and root-patterns directly, indirectly disturbs our body, mind and the whole life. And today is also the Karthikai Deepam Brahmotsavam is beginning. Today there will be worship of Durga Devi, asking for her blessings for the whole celebrations to go well. I'll enter into the satsangh. Today, I wanted to continue expand on the different names of the same phenomenon. Love, Bliss, Gratitude, Feeling-connection, these are all different names of the same phenomenon. Completion is required. Just decision to be in the space of gratitude is not enough. That, you guys always take. I tell you guys, one thing I can tell you with all my pride, you will not find such sincere seekers' group like my sannyasis anywhere in the world. That I can challenge. They're really sincere in their seeking. Just don't do what need to be done; that's all! See, in their intention to seek, I can challenge, my sannyasis are the best in the world; their sincerity to the seeking; because, I have kept such an impossible lifestyle. Please understand, almost like morning 4:30 you have to be in the Yoga Hall. If you don't have seeking, this lifestyle is not possible. Anybody who lives this lifestyle has to have seeking. The lifestyle is designed in such a way that it does not allow the lazy-bums to stay here, the escapists to stay here. Outfits, escapists, dropouts, lazy-bums cannot stay with me. Unless their seeking has gone to the level of their muscle-memory, they cannot follow our routine. Unless their seeking has gone to the level of bio-memory, they cannot be happy here. Please understand, if you are staying here more than three months, your seeking is crossed the level of muscle-memory. If you are happy here, I can challenge, your seeking has crossed the level of bio-memory. Because, the whole routine and the lifestyle is designed in such a way it is automatic elimination system, automatic enema system. The tube is fixed; automatically at that time water goes inside and enema works. It's automatic system where without a certain level of seeking; you will not be able to stay here. I have no doubt about the sincerity of my sannyasis's seeking. All over the world, to all our devotees I am talking. Please understand, when I say "sannyasis", not only I mean the people who are wearing the Kavi and living in the ashram -- Sannyasis, Naishtika Brahmacharis, Krama Brahmacharis all that -- I even talk about the regular devotees, organizers, for whom I am the first priority in the life, enlightenment is the first priority in life. I am talking about all of you guys! I really tell you, I have no doubt about your sincerity in seeking. I have no doubt about your sincerity wanting to transform, wanting to be in the space of gratitude; I have no doubt about that. Especially, in these testing times, you guys are standing with your seeking and with your guru. It's not a joke, I tell you. I have seen many people, they come to me only when going to Nithyananda is fashion. There was a time coming to me was a fashion. Then there was a time when it was not that fashion. Now it is again become fashion, because the media has changed its opinion about me, its opinion about me. Media says, 'Oh, I think he is a good guy, only. We only were a little in a hurry.' Because now media is backing out, sending apologies after apologies. In this kind of times, where only if coming to me was a fashion, people come, you guys were standing. That itself shows you have a very strong seeking, you are not taking enlightenment or life as a comedy serial, you are not taking it lightly, you are sincere. I have no doubt about it. I only feel, still I am not able to inspire you guys to do sadhana, the Completion. Still I am not able to convince you guys that Completion will lead you to enlightenment, Completion will make you experience gratitude, love, feeling-connection, joy, the higher space.

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