Constant Prayer For Enlightenment

January 31, 2016


30th January, 2016 Evening Satsang of Paramahamsa Nithyananda "O Agne, the Fire God! Knower of all our actions and all that is worth knowing, You must take us along the righteous and auspicious path of completion…." verbalizes Paramahamsa Nithyananda, enlightening us the 18th mantra of Isavasya Upanishad in Living Advaita Series, in the Nithya Satsang, 30th Jan 2016. He narrates his biography moments, placing on record that as a wandering monk, He was once at Tail Ghat, Kolkata on the banks of the Sacred Ganga with Swami Hamsanandaji. At the behest of Swami Hamsanandaji, He had spoken from his personal experience on this very 18th mantra to some keen listeners who then sought 'Upadesha' spiritual discourse. "Constant Prayer for Enlightenment" is the essence of today's talk, in which Paramahamsa urges us to make constant seeking and constant prayer for Enlightenment, to achieve the Supreme Consciousness, and even when we pray for health or other needs. By doing so, we reinvent ourselves and the Agni, Fire is kindled and activated in our system, killing boredom, laziness, tiredness, bringing us health and new life. agne naya supathā rāye asmān viśvāni deva vayunāni vidvān | yuyodhy asmaj juhurāṇam eno bhūyiṣṭhāṁ te nama-uktiṁ vidhema || 18 ||

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