Create a new identity

April 14, 2014


In today's (14th April, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes the next step in the Advatic process to create our new identity. Once we have created our highest identity in the four categories - inner image, outer image, how others view us and how we view life -- we can then list out the incompletions that keep us from our highest possibility. Completion with these obstacles moves us closer to the higher identity we wish to create. If an thought, action or choice does not fit with it, we only need to complete with it and drop it, holding true to our higher Self. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I will enter into today's subject. Satsangh subject: Creating the New Identity. Yesterday I spoke about the first step -- Authenticity. Today I will expand on Creating the New Identity. Please listen! This year, New Year, Jaya Nama Samvatsara, let us create the new identity, let us run in the direction of creating and making the new identity happen for all of us. Before that, I also wanted to bless in Ohio-Prayag, Niranjan Patel. My blessings! You will be successful in whatever you take up! My blessings! Our community support is there always for you! We are with you! And I will expand on The New Identity. Please understand, I will just recap yesterday's instructions: First, penning down the inner-image you want to create in an elaborate way. Penning down the outer-image you wanted to show. Penning down how you want others to perceive you -- others-image. Penning down the life-image -- how you are perceiving life and others. Elaborately pen down all these four images in a very detailed way which your teamily can understand. I wanted to define this word also: Team + Family = Teamily. I have created so many technical terms now, the new people, the new visitors always feel at a loss, because so many new Sanskrit words, technical terms! Pen down in such a way that your whole teamily understands your definition of inner-image, outer-image, others-image and life-image. Then, next, ask your teamily to suggest to you what all incompletions you need to complete to achieve the true identity you want to create. You describe what is the identity you want to create to your teamily. Now your teamily can suggest, your teamily can give you the feedback, because the others-image and life-image is directly dependent on your teamily. Your inner-image and outer-image is dependent on you. But others-image, the completion of others-image and life-image is dependent on your teamily. Your teamily has to be a co-creator for your others-image and life-image. Let them give the suggestions -- what all completions you are supposed to do for you to co-create, for them to be a co-creator, for you to co-create the authentic inner-image, outer-image, others-image, life-image you want to create. And, today, after getting the feedback from all of them, you sit and contemplate, come to the final structure. Please understand, today you will come to the final, complete conclusion of what is the authentic inner-image you want to create, outer-image you want to project, others-image you want to create, and life-image you want to have, and all the incompletions you need to complete. For example, you want to have the image that everyone should tell you are a great Yogi, every morning four o'clock you wake up and do Yoga; you want to have that image. Now the problem is, you cannot get up. You need alarm three times and three people to wake you up. Then what to do? Pen down, you have to complete with your sleeping pattern. Sometimes you may be carrying deep resistance towards life which is the reason for your withdrawal and celebrating sleep more than the body requires, understand? Sleeping more than six hours for any healthy adult means you are celebrating sleep. Look in. May be you are using it as an alternative to create your dreams, alternative to experience Completion. Understand, all your dreams are a temporary method of experiencing Completion. You try to experience Completion in a temporary way. Like a kid, if he wants to drive a car, he cannot get a real car; so he gets a toy car and plays with it and experiences a temporary Completion. Same way, when you feel life is too big for you, you create dreams and experience temporary Completion. Temporary Completion! May be, if you are celebrating temporary Completion, you will be sleeping more than required, you will be celebrating sleep. I tell you, a man who has built a heavy body will be thousand times more authentic than the man who has a useless body, because, when you are working with a heavy body, body with these four qualities -- stamina, flexibility, power, and energy --

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