Create Your Safety Chamber

August 7, 2016


6 August 2016 Satsang: Create Your Safety Chamber Paramahamsa Nithyananda enters into the next verses of Kena Upanishad, verses 3 and 4 in Nithya Satsang of 6th August 2016. The whole verse is not at all pointing to somebody or something. It is only intensifying your Pure Questioning. Develop something in you which will be holding, supporting, nourishing, keeping you alive even after your eyes fail, speech fails. Giving us the core understanding of PURITY, He insists to – listen to Upanishads only from Enlightened Beings. The person who is talking, if he is retaining the purity and you are retaining the purity of listening, then just LISTENING (Shravana) leads us to NIDIDHYĀSANA (internalizing and powerfully radiating the truth). Never read from unenlightened sources. Never read Upanishads as ‘alternative readings.’ Retaining the purity of your listening and from whom you are taking the lesson is most important when it comes to understanding the pure science. “More and more energy, life should be spend by every individual to build the safe chamber in your inner space where UNCLUTCHING is experienced where Complete completion is experienced, where PERPETUAL COMPETION, SAHAJA SAMADHI, NIRVIKAPA SAMADHI becomes your personal reality.”

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