Decide To Break Your Karma Pattern

August 22, 2015


In today's Nithya Satsang, 22 August 2015 on Isavasya Upanishad in Living Advaita Series, Paramahamsa Nithyananda enters into the 11th verse. The essence is to break from feeling stuck, breaking from the karma patterns which we carry. Recognizing the karma pattern in which we are stuck and the ferocious decision to change you. He emphasized the need for our decision to breakthrough from our thought-current and have liberated thinking. When we have any problem, do not suspect your action, suspect the very YOU, which means your thought-currrent, your idea about you, which is creating self-doubt in us. Unfortunately, you celebrate the though-current you have about you, instead of dropping the very self which you cognize as YOU. The good news is - you can break this karma pattern now. Great news is – all it takes is just a decision to undo the decision you took. Vidya or knowledge means recognizing the thought-current in which you stuck and ferociously dropping it and reinventing yourself. vidyāṁ cāvidyāṁ ca yas tad vedobhayaṁ saha | avidyayā mṛtyuṁ tīrtvā vidyāmṛtam-aśnute || 11 ||

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