Declare and Live Your Power

October 27, 2013


In today's morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda shares an important secret about our thinking -- it can be trained as we want. We can govern our mind in the same way we control our body's movements. In this way, we can decide and declare who we want to be. It is possible to train our minds and encourage only the thoughts that are in alignment with our highest possibility, discouraging and completing with low ideas. Let us take responsibility for ourselves and align ourselves to our peak possibility! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and respects. I also welcome Sri Sri Guru Maha Sannidhanam of Tondaimandalam Adheenam gracing us here on the morning. Swamiji will be staying with us for next few days and blessing our new project for the temple beginning. The Master Plan for the temple has come. Swamiji will be here for next few days gracing the whole project. On October 28th morning, Los Angeles is celebrating Hindu Open House. My blessings for the program. And Tiruvanmiyur Center, blessings for the NDY program in Tiruvanmiyur. And blessings for the Singapore Sangha for the new project they have taken up -- Enriching the people through Diwali Sweets. They are going around all the Singapore Sangha is going to all the Hindu organisations, the Indian organisations, connecting with them enriching with them with the Diwali homemade sweets. It's beautiful, my blessings, accepted. Blessings, I think all the international ashrams should do this. Anupama, I accepted all the sweets, great please do it. Great! And I wanted, I wanted all the international sangha to do this. Seattle, Los Angeles, Oman, Nepal, Toronto, Colorado, all the international sangha, San Jose, all of you should do this. You should create a friendly atmosphere among the Indian organizations. You should visit all the organizations andenrich them with the Diwali sweets and the friendship, friendliness. It's really a wonderful way to get together. Diwali sweets are more sweeter in the initial level than spiritual ideas. So, start with the Diwali sweets. Great, Singapore organization has done a beautiful work. They have clearly categorized all the organizations. So, I wanted all the centers all over the world, all of you to do the same thing. St Louis, Ohio, Toronto, Seattle, Varanasi, Charlotte,Houston, all of you please do it. My blessings. It's a beautiful way of reaching out to all the organizations and having friendliness. So, with this, I will move to the today's satsangh. I was expanding on the concept of "sincere thinking", "intense thinking". Yesterday I was explaining the definition of "manana", how the thinking can be aligned, how thinking can directly become wealth, treasure in your life, how it can directly make you rich. Please understand, your thinking makes you or breaks you and the thinking pattern you develop, first of all I wanted you all to know, thinking is not an accidental; it is happening with your voluntary involvement. Unfortunately, you always think, thinking is an accidental and you cannot control your mind. Please listen. Yes, you cannot directly cut the root of a huge banyan tree with the bare hand, but that does not mean you cannot control it. Please listen, dhyan se suniye. I'll give you a little better example. Your thinking process encouraged, entertained, enriched by you; but we go on believing because of our fake attempts to stop thinking has failed, it cannot be controlled. If you just try to run the centre of the road and stop the traffic, you can't do, but just a small red-light can stop the whole traffic. Please understand, if you try to run in the middle of the road and stop the traffic, it is a fake attempt. If that attempt fails, you cannot say the traffic can never be stopped. It can be stopped with the common understanding of red signal with the right attempt. It can't be stopped with the fake attempt; but it can be stopped with the right attempt. Same way, because your fake attempts have not helped you to stop thinking, you think thinking is not in your hand. No, is directly part of you. Just like your body movements are directly in your control, the mind movements are a directly in your control. So, first thing you need to know is, your thinking can be trained as you want. You do not need to constantly encourage the low self-esteem or very low ideas about you. That does not need to be encouraged and that is not your fate. Somebody came and asked me yesterday, 'Swamiji, what is the meaning of dreams?' I said, 'Your waking state itself has no meaning, why are you bothered about dream?' Because, even in your waking state, how you behave, why you behave the way you behave, why you do the way you do, why you do what you do, has no meaning! I have seen many people; sincerely they want to be always eternally loving, compassionate. Sincerely they want they should love the whole world, but they cannot even stand their wife!

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