Declare your freedom with sannyas

November 19, 2013


In today's morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals our purpose for being here on planet Earth. The individual soul arrives to achieve completion and ultimately -- enlightenment! But the issue is that we get caught in thousands of social deterrents and psychological exploitations. We can be free by making a stand for ourselves. When a person takes Sannyas, they declare their commitment to fulfill the purpose of their birth, saying NO to social exploitation and YES to enlightenment! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I will continue to expand on "SANNYAS". First, I wanted to address this issue, how an individual's life is actually blessed. Please listen! An individual soul happens on this Planet Earth to achieve Completion, to achieve Enlightenment. Thousands of social interventions, interferences, interruptions happen. Thousands of psychological exploitations happen. Please listen, when I use the word "exploitation", I mean it! Even if you are asked to be compassionate without the compassion happening in you, without the technique to make the compassion happen in you, it is exploitation! See, after you are given the technique to be in the space of Completion, after that also if you are not, then it is you destroying you. But if you have not been given that science and if it is demanded, it is exploitation! In many ways society exploits you. It doesn't give you the methodology; it doesn't give you the technology; it doesn't allow you to expand systematically. It just forcibly stretches you like physiotherapy. Even physiotherapy as a system it does step by step. It is like a crude physiotherapy. You all should know how Physiotherapy was invented. One autocrat king wanted to kill by torturing his prisoners. So he started putting them on a bed, tying heavy stones to the hands and legs. He will add the weight slowly, slowly. Then what will happen? The hands on one side, and on the other side the legs will be pulled. Finally the body will become two pieces. When he started torturing people like this, one day in-between the torture, suddenly they stopped the torture for some reason. Because the king used to come and sit and enjoy this whole process! What a sadist he would have been! I can't even imagine! May be he had better entertainment that day, so he didn't want this entertainment that day. So they stopped and they released that prisoner to rest for a day and come back when the king has some time. That fellow suddenly got relieved of his long time back-pain. So he reported: 'I had back pain for quite a long time, and after you did this the back pain disappeared!' That is the way Physiotherapy was invented! No, really! This is the story of Physiotherapy! Without giving you a proper technique if you are expected to be a celibate, or compassionate, or blissful, or non-violent, or complete, or content, I tell you, it is straightaway exploitation! You have to give a technique, methodology, process. After you have been given the process, it's your responsibility. After the process is given if you don't do, then you are destroying yourself, nothing can be done about it! Nothing can be done about it! Listen! Each being comes down to Planet Earth for the achievement of its Completion and for achieving liberation from the birth and death cycle; from this process again and again and again. So please understand, a person who stands clearly and declares to the world, 'I am not ready to be exploited by your ignorant leaders, I am not ready to be exploited by the ignorance of the elders.....' Please understand, many of you feel your parents have put many patterns in you. I tell you, if it is their ignorance, they have a right to suffer and die. But the moment they put their ignorance on you, even if it is out of ignorance, it is exploitation! Because when they know they are ignorant, they have no right to put that on you; they should have sent you straight to gurukul, saying, 'We don't know how to bring you up; you better go to gurukul. We already did the sin of giving birth to you. We don't want to do one more sin of bringing you up with our ignorance. Go to gurukul.' I tell you, money is a hoax by the capitalists' brains. Politics is an institutionalized exploitation system by a few perverted brains. Everything, whether it is politics, or the idea of money, or the media...! Media is the biggest hoax. Please listen, listen to this story. There was a lion in a forest and a flock of sheep. Every day one sheep will come and stand in front of this lion, start a conversation, and then the lion will kill that sheep and eat it. Every day, this happens. One day, a fox came to visit the lion to eat the remaining meat. He got his food and started staying there. After seeing this day in and day out, after a week, the fox really got surprised.

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