Define Yourself As Upanishad Declares

April 8, 2015


Today’s (7th April, 2015) Nithya Satsang on Ishavasya Upanishad in Living Advaita Series. Paramahamsa Nithyananda gives a radiant revelation into 8th verse, which are definitions of ‘you’ given by Upanishads. As an Incarnation, embodying the pure spiritual tradition, he defines a ‘Hindu’ as a person who has already cognized about ‘you’ or working towards altering your cognition about ‘you’ as Consciousness as per this verse — ‘Pure Consciousness is all-pervasive, beyond coming and going’ — so ‘I am birthless, deathless.’ And ‘Absolute Radiant, Self-effulgent’ so nothing needs to give me joy or excitement. I am self-alive, self-bliss.’ He makes it clear that he wants the Upanishads to become a Realization in us, which is the ultimate solution for everything. So, just manana, internalization, digging out our patterns that deny our existence; can melt down millions of incompletions into few patterns, one ignorance, and suddenly we can realize we are enlightened, Consciousness. Isha Upanishad – Verse 8 sa paryagāc-chukram akāyam avraṇam asnāviram śuddham apāpa-viddham | kavir manīṣī paribhūḥ svayambhūr yathātathyato-arthān vyadadhāc-chāśvatībhyaḥ samābhyaḥ || 8 || Today’s Vākyārtha Sadas, topic for spiritual explorations on truth is – how each one of us can raise our cognition about ourselves as Hindu, by cognizing ourself as Consciousness as the Upanishad describes and declare. You neither come and go, you are beyond that. What is that which makes me believe I come, I go – pen down and discuss those patterns. And tomorrow, you can take up the next definition – ‘Absolute Radiant, Self-effulgent’– means ‘svayam prakasha’, nothing else needs to glorify me or give me joy, give me excitement. Let’s work on Upanishad 8th verse, one by one, you will see suddenly in 3-4 days, beautifully you will understand. What else do I have as my experience about me, where am I denying my existence as Upanishads declare about me. Next few days, I wanted everyone of you to do the homework picking up topic by topic, and doing completion

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