Desperation is the Traitor of your Soul

August 16, 2014


In today’s (15 Aug 2014) morning satsang Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on the science of completion. He told us that Completion is so powerful it burns pain, creates new space and dilutes the past. The next thing you need to do is re-write your future. The more you re-write your future the more the past incompletions become irrelevant to your life. Completion is having no desperation. Perpetual completion burns down desperation and life happens in you. TRANSCRIPTS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Today, Independence Day of India! Let Mahadeva bless this country, bless this great nation, bless this great land! Let Mahadeva's grace be on this country! Today I wanted to expand on the great truths. I am continuously expanding almost from 2012 December till now, only on the Science of Completion. Please understand, there is no other subject I have spoken on so elaborately. I have not taken up any other traditional scriptures, commenting, nothing! From 2012 December to....almost more than one-and-a-half years, closer to two years, I am expanding just on this Science of Completion. Even though I had many plans in-between that I will comment on some scriptures explaining the Science of Completion, somehow I went on explaining and expanding on the Science of Completion itself. Today, again, I wanted to share some of the great truths about Completion. Please listen! Come to the space of listening! Completion is such a powerful science, such a powerful principle, such a powerful philosophy, not only it burns all the sufferings, suffocations, pains, please understand, it creates so much of new space for functioning, so much of new space, so much of powerful new space, you can go on be creating! You can go on be creating! Please understand, every night when you finish Completion, two things are very important: One, a strong decision not to allow that incompletion again in your inner-space. Completion is not watching TV serial in your inner-space, the same thing you are watching every day. No! Unfortunately, you guys sit and brood over the same problem every day. After some time, I think you start enjoying that! No! That is not Completion! Declaring you will not allow that incompletion again to surface into your inner-space. Second, if you have completed with something yesterday night, today morning use that inner-space to rewrite your future before the incompletion gets back into your system, understand? Intense, sincere rewriting of the future! Means, go on rewriting, go on rewriting, go on rewriting! Please understand, only when you go on rewriting, rewriting, rewriting, the past gets diluted, the past incompletions lose power over you. If you don't rewrite your future, means, if you don't create the new future, naturally you cannot be a vacuum space; so, you tend to get into your past incompletions, or invite, entertain your past incompletions. Please understand, understand this one great truth: If you go on rewriting your future, means, constantly aligning you to your declared authentic identity.... Aligning you to your authenticity, means, raise your Inner Image as you want, raise your Outer Image as you want, take responsibility for Others Image as others want, raise your Life Image and Others Image. So, understand, let the space you get after the Completion be used to create authentic identity. Please understand, everyone wants peace. But you need to know, unless the space which you get by peace is used towards authenticity, the peace can never be long-lasting; you will lose it. Your old incompletions will come back. Empty mind is Devil's Workshop. I tell you, it is "Devil's Home", not just workshop! Not only he works there, he also RESIDES there! The absolute empty mind is God's place. That is different. Till you achieve the Perpetual Completion, every empty space you get, you should use it to rewrite your future. Go on rewriting! Go on rewriting! Go on rewriting! Please listen! The more and more you rewrite, not only your incompletions get completed, they become irrelevant. Making your incompletions irrelevant to your present life is Complete Completion. All the possible incompletions which can happen to human-beings, make them irrelevant to you; you are God! Please listen! All the possible incompletions which can happen for human-beings: janma, mrityu, jara, dukha birth, death, disease, pain all the possible incompletions, make them all irrelevant to your life, make them all irrelevant to your life, then you are God! Constantly make all the incompletions irrelevant to your life. It is possible! Go on spending time every night. I tell you, completing with incompletions in the night puts you in the space of Samadhi.

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