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In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals that the four spiritual principles of life inhabit our very DNA, nourishing the kernel of our potential. Integrity means understanding that what we speak is the truth: that if we say we are sick we become diseased; if we say we are bursting with energy we become lively. Authenticity means that we align with our inner space, that we calm our restlessness and are able to be at peace. Responsibility means building a bridge between our present reality and what we wish to happen. Enriching means establishing our existence in the act of sacred service which expands the lives of others. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome you all with my love and respects for this Nithya satsang. Today's subject for the Nithya Satsang: "LIVING THESE PRINCIPLES AS A NATURAL FLOW OF LIFE." Please understand, these four principles -- Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching -- these four principles exist in our very DNA. When these four principles are lived, the seed becomes tree, man realizes his potential. As on now, man is only a possibility. Only with these four principles, when it becomes reality, you experience your actuality. The seed is inbuilt as everything needed for it to become reality. Human being has everything needed in him to become the ultimate reality; the divine reality. This four principles, the spiritual principles continuously inspire, exert, make you experience your ultimate possibility. As I said yesterday, the DNA, the very structure with which human consciousness is built, the natural law of human life -- in Sanskrit we use the word "dhamma" -- is these four principles. With Integrity, the innate intelligence to expand is straightened; the space of Positivity is awakened. With Authenticity, continuously life oozing out in your system is ensured. With Responsibility, standing up what you respond or what you represent, standing up for what you represent happens. With Enriching, the ultimate result of you establishing your existence into everything. You establishing your existence into everything is what I call "serving". In any form of serving, Enriching, you expand and become part of it. The perception's possibility, the possibility of perception, possibility of cognition, and the possibility of expansion; possibility of perception, possibility of cognition, possibility of expansion. 10:42 The space of perception - Perception is the process happening with the facts and your patterns. How you want to see the facts and the facts, both together, perception is achieved. When you bring Integrity into you, when you bring Integrity into your thinking, complete Integrity, the words you utter to you and to others, has to be experienced as your very life. The word which comes out of your life source does not leave, get disconnected from your life source. So, what happens to that word affects the source of your life. Please understand, it is not like you gave a word, then you and the word are disconnected, whether the word is fulfilled or unfulfilled, it is no way related to your life source. No! The word continues to be connected with you because it is delivered from you. Even though your son is out of your body after you deliver, your child is out of your body after you delivered, it is not that you are disconnected from your child. His good or bad continues to affect you till you exist. Same way, the words which comes out of you continues to have power over you, whether they are fulfilled or unfulfilled, respected or not respected, listened or not listened. Even though it leaves your body, the word you gave leaves you, it does not get disconnected from you; just like your relationship with your children. It is not that after the delivery, of course, after the delivery physically there is no connection, the child is separate, but the relationship exists. With word, any word you utter, the relationship continues to exist. Understanding the word you utter continues to have power over you even after years it is uttered, makes you utter the words with responsibility. The words you utter to you and to others, when you experience them as the extension of your life they do directly affect you. When the words uttered by you were never listened, please understand, your Integrity, the completion is disturbed. I tell you if you are talking and few people in front of you are completely restless, not listening, you will never be able to express the complete ideas which you are about to express. You will not be able to have completion in your delivery. Even in the house, when you are talking, the person to whom you are talking, if the person is not listening, if the person is not in the space of listening, the ideas you are going to express will never be delivered. It may lead to argument, but it may never lead to the intelligence transfer. Information transfer is argument. Intelligence transfer is listening.

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