Do not have patience with your yoga practice

about 7 years ago


This is a short video by Paramahamsa Nithyananda, taken from the Yoga Webinar 2016 ( In this video, he explains that yoga is not just the science of keeping you healthy. Yoga is the science of radiating enlightenment. It is not just for the ability to stretch your body. It is the ability to manifest what you want. Yoga is not about making you a better man, but about making you superman, radiating powers immediately! Paramahamsa Nithyananda makes a very strong point, as he says: 'do not have patience with your practice!' He explains that we have been given wrong instructions, as we have been told to be patient and wait. But yoga is a powerful alchemy system, which gives result immediately as you start. If not, you are being cheated, and what you are practicing is not yoga. The quality of yoga is such, that even if it is practiced a little, it brings tremendous result immediately: you should have results by day 1, and by month 1 should manifest powers. If not, question the teacher and system which has been given to you.

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