Do not judge Masters with your logic!

August 4, 2008


From the works of Living Enlightned Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. In this clip taken from discourses titled, "Your Senses -- Your Gates to Awareness" and "Alertness -- Your way to your center", Swamiji, while answering a devotee's question gives example of Nisargadatta Maharaj who answers the question of a devotee and tells him, "I am not talking to you!" Swamiji goes on to describe that in the case of masters talking can happen without any movement in the inner space. Having such a strong and clear inner space that even thoughts cannot disturb you is Enlightenment. Swamiji goes on to describe in detail how different the inner space is of enlightened masters and also wars us that disciples can miss masters by taking them for granted by logically analyzing them. Swamiji goes on to tell us that all these techniques are like new software, which when inserted into our beings starts to impact of hardware or bio-memory. It is when you will start living enlightenment. The complete discourse may be ordered online at

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