Do You Have a Tantrum Child Inside You

August 7, 2014


In todays (28th July, 2014) morning Satsang from Hardwar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on completion. He described how there is a tantrum throwing child inside you that is on strike. Just sit with that child and the advaithic part of you will melt that child. Don’t engage with him, that just empowers his tantrum throwing. Just sit with him and he will melt down in the presence of advaitha. Then he guided us through the process. TRANSCRIPTS:- I welcome all of you with My love and blessings. Today I'll expand on Completion. You may think, Swamiji has spoken so much on completion, what has He to add? I have something to add. Please listen. Just few days before, when all of you were going through some of the heavy incompletions, reliving them and relieving them, completing them, actually, when I sit here, I sit holding all of you. Please listen. Shiva Sutras very clearly describe even if an enlightened master holds the space of Advaitha for you, you complete all your incompletions and you achieve miracles in your life, you cause your reality by causing miracles in your life. Beautifully, Shiva Sutra puts it, whether healing a physical disease or manifesting the life as you want, if an enlightened master holds the space for you, means, holds you in the space of His consciousness like mother holding a child, mother holding a baby inside the womb, when He holds the space of Advaitha for you, you may jump here, there, do this, that, do it rightly or wrongly, but you'll break all your incompletions in His space because end of the day, you are in His space. You can keep with right hand, left hand, you may even fall, but you will fall in His lap! So when an enlightened master holds His space for you, consciously, you go through all your incompletions smoothly and complete and be relieved. So whenever I sit here, I'll hold all of you into that space. I program it automatically, and then I sit silently, or sit with some other job, but I'll be sitting. This time, when I was sitting, I just suddenly thought, I wanted to exactly see, the depth and detail what happens in your physiological system, see physical is different, physiological is different, psychological is different; the psychological effect we know what happens after the completion in your mind, we know all that. What happens after the Completion even in your physiology we know it; I wanted to know exactly what is happening, how the fire is melting the butter- butter is your incompletion, fire is my space- how when I hold the space for you, your incompletions melt down, I just wanted to see, how it melts and becomes ghee. At one point there'll be a sound chchchchch, whooooosh, I wanted to know where in your system that sound is coming. Where the consciousness, the completion, melts your incompletion, and you melt, you become complete, where it happens, how it happens. So I decided to look into some of the disciples inner space. But as an enlightened ethics, I cannot look in, I cannot enter unless you permit. But a good thing I have a few thanedars, kotharis and mahants who never put gate, they just ask Me to come in any time and clean what needs to be cleaned; for whom I am a permanent scavanger, permanent cleaner. I decide through them I'll look in and see what happens in their system. Please understand, this is one of the biggest revelation which is going to help all of you and millions who are coming for complete completing in a very simple and beautiful way. The scanning I did during the time of past life regression; if you did other IA's you'll know this is the first time after completion I'll have you sit for past life before going for lunch, that was the time I was scanning. Whenever the past life memories open up, there'll be heavy incompletions. Like suddenly you discover a wound with so much of pus. So I was looking into many of our ten specimens of various type and started looking in, how this Me holding the space of Advaitha melts those pains and incompletions away and relieves them. Please listen, this is the key word: whenever you are sitting for Completion, just sit with that heaviness on you. Whatever heaviness you feel as incompletion, if you see one part of you is always a tantrum-throwing child, it does not want life, it does not want work, it does not want responsibility, it does not want society, completion, yoga, it just wants to cry, throw tantrum, it juuuust, it is like a mother holding a child but the child is kicking leave me, leave me, where are you going? I don't know, What is your goal?

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