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March 30, 2014


2014-Mar-18 Morning Satsang of Paramahamsa Nithyananda In today's morning Satsang in Haridwar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals that the powerful space of Advaita can solve any problem in our lives. When we have the understanding that the world will go on as it is, 'the world', and we carry the space of Advaita in our world, 'my world', we will attract people carrying this same space -- like attracts like. When we cognize the truth that everyone is part of us, then we can be sure about ourselves -- what we want, who we are, what we are doing -- we are living in the space of Advaita. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today, I will continue to expand on the Space of Advaitha. Listen! Please listen! Either you can keep your inner-space powerful, fulfilled, joyful, or keep yourself in utter poverty, dull, depressed, constantly in conflict, fighting with everyone, finding fault with everyone, accusing everyone: 'This person is not right! That person is not right! That person is not right!' It is up to you how you can keep your inner-space. A Thanedar level person is starting his spiritual journey. If he keeps on accusing, it can be tolerated. If a Kothari keeps on abusing everyone, he should not be tolerated; he should be reminded and trained. If a Mahant keeps on abusing everyone, he should be handed over to Kalabhairava! No....the space you declare for yourself and others..... I tell you, the space of Advaitha is so powerful -- please listen -- the space of Advaitha is so powerful, it can solve any problem you carry....and any problem you invent! Human-beings are the greatest problem-inventors! See, everything in our society is invented to invent new-new problems! All our desires, fears, lifestyle, everything, you can see, money, the concept of money, the concept of ownership, everything is invented to invent new-new problems! It is like, when the kids have to be kept occupied, you give them some playthings.... What do you call it? There will be a box with multiple colours.... Rubik's Cube! I don't know the name; I didn't play with all that foolishness! You completely destroy it (the Rubik's Cube), and then you try to align it! What foolishness! I think in our Gurukul we should ban that. Why do you first of all invent a problem and then try to find a solution? Arrey, come on! We already have multiple problems. Find solutions for that! Putting your energy to invent a problem and then finding a solution for it! Please understand, when you enter into the space of Advaitha, the first thing that will happen is, you will stop inventing problems and you will start continuously solving. I tell you, Advaitha will bring surety about you. The biggest gift of the space of Advaitha is, all your confusions will disappear, you will be sure about what you want to do, what you are and what you want to do. I tell you, people who honour the space of Advaitha in their life as first priority, when they wake up, they wake up like Eshwara of the Universe, Jagadeeshwara (Lord of the Universe)! When they live, they live like Jagadeeswara! They are not only Jagadeeshwaras, they are Jagat Kaaranas (reason/cause for the Universe)! Please understand, when you are stuck with some pattern and unable to honour the space of Advaitha, that is what I call "Maya" (illusion). And continuing to honour Advaitha even if you are stuck with some pattern is called "Tapas" (penance). That is tapas! I tell you, "the world" is going to be "the world". In "my world" if you carry the space of Advaitha and approach "the world", in "the world" also you will attract exactly people who carry the space of Advaitha towards you. I always bless my Swamis, 'Let you all have disciples exactly like you!' It is up to them whether to make it as a blessing or a curse! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I tell them, 'You will have disciples exactly like you. So, now it is up to you whether to make that as a blessing.' All Mahants, I bless you guys, you will have Kotharis exactly like you! All Kotharis, I bless you, you will have Thanedars exactly like you! All Thanedars, I bless you, you will have volunteers exactly like you! And I am blessing myself, 'Let me have disciples exactly like me!' HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Now it is up to you whether you make your inner-space more powerful, or you make your idea about "the world", "my world", more powerful. Understand, the "my world" you carry is not your world. As I said, Advaitha is neither difficult nor easy. Believing that Advaitha is easy or difficult is a most foolish thing. It is like you sitting here and saying, 'Ganga flowing in Haridwar is the most difficult thing. See, from here we have to walk twenty minutes! How difficult to get into the Ganga!you is a fact!

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