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over 10 years ago


In today's satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda (Swamiji) expands on the subject of Enriching - one of the major principles of life and how it expands your relationships. In the relationship with others, if you are feeling powerless, you will have the same powerlessness in the relationship with you. Enriching is - you taking responsibility with integrity and authenticity that you will commit to continuously enrich, which is expanding yourself and life in and around you. When you are complete with you, world will be complete with you. When you are incomplete with you, world will be incomplete with you. Only when you have healed the relationship with you, only when you trust, you can raise yourself, you can save yourself by yourself, you can relax even! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today, I'll expand on how the principles of life, enriching can be used to expand your relationship,with yourself and with others. Listen: these four principles are not my teachings, these four are THE teachings. If at all anything human beings need to learn on the planet earth as a first, middle and last, that is these four principles. Listen, these four principles are not my teachings, they are THE teachings. These four are the essence of all religions, spiritual groups, philosophies, sects, cultures, the essence of psychology, these four principles are THE teachings: Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Enriching. Today, I'll expand how the fourth principle, 'Enriching' can empower you in the zone of relationships. If you are feeling powerless in your relationships, be very clear you will be powerless with the relationship with yourself. Relationship with yourself and relationship with others, both happen from the same space. In the relationship with others if you are feeling powerless, you will have the same powerlessness in the relationship with you. Relationship with you, if you are feeling powerful, complete, relationship with others, you will feel same powerful, completeness. Dhyan se suniye, ye char tatva jo hai, ve keval mere sikshan nahin hain, ye char tatva poore shastra evam dharma ka saransha hain. They are not just my teaching, these four principles are THE teachings. Any human being has to listen, learn these four, the moment he's born, the moment he starts living, during living and before death. Ye char tatva sabhi dharmo, aadhyatmic samoohon, darshan, sampradayon, mano vignyaan, sabhi ka saar hai. Today I'll expand on the fourth principle: « ENRICHING » how this principle is going to heal your relationship with you and your relationship with others, make you feel powerful with regards to relationship with others and relationship with you. Enriching, the principle of enriching, how it can be used to make yourself powerful in the zone of relationship with you and relationship with others. Dhyan se suniye, listen to the definition of enriching once again. Enriching is, you taking responsibility with Integrity and Authenticity that you are committed to continuously enriching, which is expanding yourself, and life in and around you. Labhanvit karne ki paribhasha, punah suniye, aapyayanam ya labhanvit karne ka arth hai, aap Sampoorti evam Shraddha ke saat zamedari uthaye ki aap lagatar aapyayanam ya swayam ko aur aapke andar aur bahar ko jeevan ke lagatar labhanvit karnekeliye pratibadh ho. First I'll expand what is your relationship with yourself. Please understand, just look in, the ideas you carry about you, how many of you suffer a deep distrust over you, you cannot raise yourself to the higher level, very deeply inside you, cognize and raise your hands. Why, relax, why? Understand, because, you are not consistently, continuoulsy enriching yourself and raising yourself to the next level. You gave up on you, you gave up on yourself. The relationship with you, by you lacks enriching. I tell you, if you don't teach yourself continuosly these four principles of Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching, not only you will give up on you, you will give up on others also. People who give up on themselves are very dangerous, because when you feel, 'anyhow you are going to be doomed, then what is there? after all I'm going to be doomed, if I do this also what is the wrong? if I do that also what is the wrong?' There is no limit for your falling, you will see consciously you are having a freefall, like Indian stock market. Just freefall. No, a few months before, the way the rupee was falling, you can't use that paper for anything. That is the speed with which the freefall was happening. I tell you, listen, the moment you give up on yourslf you give up on others, and you are dangerous to you and to the society. Aap lagatar apne aapko labhanvit nahin karte hain, apne aap ko lagatar samrudh nahin karte hai, kyon ki apne aap par se vishwaas khochuke hai. Suniye, Aap par se vishwas kochuke hai. Lord Sri Krishna again and again says, « Uddhared aatmana aatmanam na aatmaanam avasadayet »

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