DOING is right. Postponing is Sin.

February 22, 2014


In today's (22nd February, 2014) discourse Paramahamsa Nithyananda declares the need for doing why non-doing / postponing is the bane of the life and urges us very dearly to break / come out of it and do - act. An eye opener into the stark reality of many. It is a must watch and a helper to many of our friends. Watch, Share and Subscibe to our channel to be notified of the next upload Visit TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I will enter into the satsangh. Today, Inner Awakening 16th day; Level-3, 6th day! I really tell you, every human-being should go through the experience of Inner Awakening. I sincerely welcome every human-being. Nothing is an obstacle other than your mind. If you think money is an obstacle, it is a complete lie! I have seen the people who make less than hundred rupees per day, comfortably coming and attending Inner Awakening, from somewhere money happening. After going back, they make what they have paid for Inner Awakening, every month! So, first remove this idea that something is an obstacle. You can actually test whether Inner Awakening will work for you or not. How you know? Just decide to create a space. Today, this is what I am telling all participants in Kulim-Tiruttani. Participants who have gathered for Kalpataru in Kulim-Tiruttani, listen! You can test the power of Kalpataru, the power of Inner Awakening simply through this process. I am telling everyone who is watching this satsangh, just create a space, 'I HAVE to attend Inner Awakening! All the incompletions, I am dropping them. I HAVE to attend!' I guarantee, everything will fall in place; you will be making it; you will be able to make it! Understand, the whole Inner Awakening is built on the power of my words. Now I am giving you the word, if it is for you, simply you will be able to make it! If you are not able to make it, then don't bother; maybe it is not for you. But, I am telling you, everybody who creates the space will be able to make it! Just create the space. Why I made this programme high paid? In those days, we were all sitting in the Himalayas. Only the sincere seekers who are not mystery-mongers reach there. By the time they reach there, the filtering will happen. Some will run away in depression, some will run away unable to continue the journey. Only the sincere will reach there where we need not waste our time with these mystery-mongers, the people who say, 'Oh, I just came to see the length of your turban because it was so pretty...!' One of the dangers for spiritual organizations is this immature mystery mongers becoming part of it. They are most dangerous! See, when you are immature, how many years ever Master struggles with you, when you decide not to go, not to live the tattwas, not to live the spiritual principles, naturally what will happen? There is an automatic power called "Kaalabhairava"; when he kicks you out, I tell you, when you decide not to transform and have some hypocritical, vested interests, when you think, 'I have transformed these many patterns; this I will keep it there...', when you associate yourself, identify yourself with some patterns, the curse given to you is the confusion and incompletion which terrorizes you. Kaalabhairava cannot bear people around the Master, people around an incarnation, around an enlightened being, without being transformed! Just an ordinary incompletion, small, small things like desire for rice, you will awaken it in such a wild way, just for the rice and gongura chutney you will disappear! Nothing else! I have seen people drop their sannyas just for their desire of rossogolla (a Bengali sweet delicacy)! He (Kaalabhairava) will come and sit in your tongue like a demon, and everywhere you see, you will see rossogollas! He will make you see the heap of rice and gongura chutney everywhere! A small incompletion is enough, I tell you! Kaalabhairava knows how to provoke your incompletion! That is why I tell you, never, ever allow the hypocrisy, and insincerity, even in a small way. Reward and punishment will never be proportionate in the presence of the Master. Because he is living intense energy, a small thing can give you the ultimate reward, a small incompletion can completely kick you out of the Master's presence; you don't need to have big, big incompletions -- Kaama (lust), Krodha (anger), Madha (pride), Maatsarya (jealousy), Lobha (greed), nothing! Just some rice and gongura chutney is enough! Or a visualization of rossogolla is enough! Listen! For you to make it to Inner Awakening, all you need is just sincerity. To filter all these mystery-mongers, these curiosity-mongers, that is the reason we used to sit in the Himalayas in those days. Now, wherever I sit, I create the Himalayas around me! I have my own mechanism of filtering people.

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