Don't Allow Free Fall From Your Authentic Identity by Swami Nithyananda

July 8, 2015


In Kathopanishad, Nithya Satsang on 7 July 2015, Paramahamsa Nithyananda gives important revelation into the mind and being of Vajashravas, the king, father of Naciketa who has a free fall from his authentic identity - from being a ruler, Kshatriya to a business person, Vaishya and then even to a worker, Shudra; a king who is only meant to give the society and country, he cheats in the fire sacrifice gifting old cows. Vajashravas's degradation is a wakeup call for us – to never allow the free fall from our authentic identity, which is – what we want to be? how we want to live? The fulfillment that you LIVE is the first step for Enlightenment, possible only when we live as per our root pattern, our nature. As a Brahmana, our nature is to share knowledge, as a Kshatriya, we carry a business mental-setup and must go on giving, giving. Vedic Tradition does not stop growth but the growth should always be propelled, initiated, incited from Inner Space. Just by knowing our free fall, we can wake-up and stop it immediately. But, due to the Entertainment Industry, we are not allowed to recognise this free fall. He warns us to imemdiately stop the entertainment which is filled with imaginary background music and visuals that impurify our senses and are not good for a happy, conscious, awakened life. Today's subject for Vakyartha Sadas, spiritual exploration by discussing the truth is – contemplate on the truth of free fall from your authentic identity. How Vajashravas is going through a free fall? Today this is the concept to contemplate. Do Vakvartha Sadas on both the sacred secrets in this subject.

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