Don't forget your Real Identity

April 9, 2014


In today's (9th April 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda speaks on an important concept called Apasmara which made us forget our original possibility. In our ignorance, we believe that we are only the ordinary body and mind which puts us into powerlessness -- delusion and Maya. We can remove the Apasmara from our system with the power of Authenticity and remember our one true identity -- the non-dual space of Advaita. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today I will expand on how Advaitha makes you light. Please understand, your weight is not physical. Your heaviness is metaphysical. Listen! Your weight is not physical. Your heaviness is metaphysical. Is aircraft more heavier than you, or more lighter than you? Birds which are flying, are they more heavier than you, or more lighter than you? Weight -- being heavy or being light -- is in no way related to you. How the modern-day physics has developed a theory for flying: If you push more air, your body will push it up, you can be flying. There are so many theories. I am not a great adept in Physics. But you know there are many modern theories developed about flying, how to fly and all that. In our ancient sacred spiritual tradition, one principle is used to make your body understand and radiate different laws and principles and energies. This one principle, the principle of Advaitha, the one energy, energy of Advaitha -- listen -- can be expressed in thousands and thousands of ways through your body and mind. Yesterday I was talking that Varanasi is a city of people who can fly, who have the capability to fly. In Sathya Yuga, the flying was only by "Mantra". In Dwapara Yuga, it was by "Mani". In Tretha Yuga, it was by "Oushadha". In Kali Yuga, people fell on the ground! That is why there are now walking on the drainage! Anyway, I am going to explain what I wanted to explain, what I wanted to share with you all. Please listen, your heaviness has nothing to do with your body mass. Your heaviness has something to do with your thought-trend. Your heaviness has something to do with your thought-trend. Go on corrupting your thought-trend, you will see heaviness becomes lifestyle. Go on corrupting your thought-trend, heaviness becomes your lifestyle. Please listen, I am not supporting putting on weight. I am not saying you can weigh any number of kilograms you want. No! Yesterday only we were having teamily dinner with Kotharis in the night, and morning breakfast with Mahants; morning with Mahants, dinner with Kotharis, teamily dinner. I was telling them, 'The food which stays in your lips more does not stay in your hips more! The food which does not stay in your lips more, will stay in your hips more!' Because, your stomach does not have teeth; it can't grind; and the food which is not digested will naturally become fat, accumulate in your body. Please listen, I am not supporting putting on weight. All I am trying to tell you is, just by defusing the heaviness you feel every morning when you wake up, and just by defusing the heaviness every night when you fall asleep, you can start levitating! The defusing of the patterns, making you feel light, can be done even by the Master's presence and Kundalini awakening; but after that you should take care that you build the right patterns to retain that inside you. Listen, by defusing your patterns, I can give you that lightness in one touch, with initiation. But you cannot, you won't be able to maintain it unless you prepare yourself with all your teamily members, convinced about Advaitha. Please listen, not just your husband, brother, father, mother, son, daughter, the people with whom you work are the teamily members; your brain, heart, liver, kidneys, intestines, emotions, anger, love, all of them are your teamily members. Sit with all of them and complete. Because, many times, your anger is pulling you in one direction completely opposite to where you want to travel. In Shiva Mahapurana, there is one demon described as "Apasmaraka". Understand, this one demon cannot be destroyed by anybody other than Mahadeva, and Mahadeva also, only in the form of Guru he can destroy Apasmaraka. "Apasmaraka" means, forgetting your original nature. He (Apasmaraka) covered even Devi, put her in delusion, and Devi forgot she is "Ardhaangi" of Mahadeva, Devi forgot she is part of Mahadeva and fell into apasmara. All of you, whether you are a Ma Swami or Shri Swami, Swami or Swamini, all of you are caught by Apasmaraka; you forgot your original truth that you are an Advaithi, you are in the non-dualistic space. Even Mahadeva cannot kill Apasmaraka by his Trishul.

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