Don't let God be a background painting

February 20, 2014


In today's (20th February, 2014) Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda talked on the science of creating space. How completing with the impossibility belief that things are difficult and need hard work to achieve as well as the faith on luck that suddenly miracle will happen and things will shower on us paves the way for creating the space and the reality that we want to cause in us and others. Enjoy, Share and Subscribe to be alerted of the next upload TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I will enter into today's satsangh. Continuously, every day, I am expanding on some truth. I am continuously speaking on the science of Space in various languages, in various ways, in various methodologies, in various descriptions. All these satsanghs ultimately are aimed at making you experience inner awakening, making you to inspire, making you to come and experience the Inner Awakening. Understand, life itself has to be lived with all its powers. It is like you are given a huge palace, but you are so enchanted with the outhouse itself, you live in the outhouse! After some time, you forget the palace exists. You see it as only a background painting. After some time, you just die with the outhouse. Unfortunately, same way, God is just a background painting for most of you, because you never enter into Him. But life has to be experiencing God. The science of creating a space and making it into reality is experiencing God. Understand, it is a direct science of experiencing God every day in your life. Experiencing extraordinary powers with which you are born is experiencing God. Experiencing the extraordinary powers with which you are born is experiencing God. Understand? If you dig out all the Upanishads, all the Vedas, all the Puranas, all the Shaastras..... Actually, all my devotees, you don't even need to re-read and search and try to understand its meaning. I tell you with all my integrity and authenticity, I have given the essence of all the Puranas through my satsanghs and books, the essence of all the scriptures through my satsanghs and books. The complete works of Paramahamsa Nithyananda is complete works of Hinduism! The complete works of Sanatana Veda Hindu Dharma, I have given it as complete works of Paramahamsa Nithyananda! Listen! Unless you start experiencing the science of space, life will not have joy. Every day you will feel you are stuck. Then I have to conduct one more session to release you out. It is like a bathroom flush-tank. Every day you have to call the plumber. No, really! Every day you have to call the plumber and remove that. Then, after a few days, it will be again stuck....some other impossibility. This science of creating a space, for the last few days in the Inner Awakening sessions we are continuously working on the science of creating a space. And it is a really, really long process....two, three processes, eight to nine hours processes. It is eight to nine hours, but people are so happy to do it, happy to go in and come out of it. Understand, listen sincerely! This science of space, I will try to give you the essence. The first step, you have to find out... Deep down in your heart you strongly believe that only through hard work you can get anything. To get anything is very difficult, very difficult. That is one of the fundamental cognitions of your life. Second, the other extreme: You secretly expect some miracle will happen, suddenly something will open and suddenly your whole situation will change! What a funny thing! You are making the regular normal flow of events itself as very difficult. Then you expect some unexpected miracle to open up and shower from the sky! Both these patterns are -- listen -- both these patterns have some incompletion. Both these patterns have some incompletion. Listen! Neither living in a fantasy that suddenly something will open up and happen and things will change, nor living in the impossibility that things are very difficult to achieve, neither this nor that, neither luck nor impossibility is correct. When you complete with both incompletions, you are ready to learn the Science of Space. When you create that space, you will achieve what others call as "impossibility" casually, without even knowing the word "impossibility". You will not be waiting for some luck, lottery to happen like how others wait. Neither you will be bothered about some luck or lottery, nor you will be stuck with some impossibility. I am creating hundreds of temples and ashrams all over the world. I never felt it is impossible or I have to really put in hard work. No! I just wanted it to happen; it happened, it is happening! Same way, I don't wait for some luck or lottery to happen. Even if you donate a hundred million dollars, I won't feel it is luck or lottery.

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