Don't Let SDHD Entertain You

February 9, 2014


In today's (6th February, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes how our perceptions and the actual facts differ based on our basic cognition of life. Unfortunately, our minds justify our incompletions, forcing actions to be made from our perceptions, not fact -- the mind supports incompletions! Supporting any incompletion is bondage and this is how we believe things are impossible. Let us pull ourselves out of this prison and practice completion, opening ourselves to the possibilities. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Blessings for the Baroda Dhyanapeetam coming on the two-way video-conferencing after a long time! And, blessings for Winston-Salem Dhyanapeetam. Winston-Salem, you have a unique history. My first satsangh outside India is conducted in Winston-Salem! Winston-Salem, North Carolina, your city is the place I did my first satsangh outside India; not San Jose...; that and all is different. The day I landed in USA, I did my first satsangh in Winston-Salem. That way you are part of the history of Dhyanapeetam..! Today, 21st Inner Awakening beginning! And 21st eN-Genius! As usual, the moment I am back in Bidadi, the Brahmotsava started. Today we have started the Rajarajeshwari Brahmotsava. Yesterday Ganesha Puja started. And today, early morning, Dwajaarohanam happened. Brahmotsava, celebrating the Cosmic Mother for the next eleven days! Today is Ratha Sapthami also. Means, Surya (the Sun) is changing his wheels, the direction of movement. For the next ten days we will be celebrating the Cosmic Mother and her presence and blessings. Today I will expand on a very important subject of "Completion and Permutation-Combination of your Mental Layers". Please listen! Completion and the Permutation-Combination of your mental layers! How the basic cognition of your life and what you think as changeable rules of life and unchangeable rules of life, what you think as possible and impossible, how the permutation-combination of that leads to incompletion or completion. Listen! Every one of you believe something is possible for you, something is impossible for you. You think some things are possible even if you don't do anything, some things are possible if you put a little effort, some things are forced on you even if you don't want. Same way, some things are impossible, some things can be done with a little effort, some things how much ever you try you cannot do. You have different, different perceptions. Please understand, sometimes a man lives with such kind of perceptions. You will be afraid of a disease which is never going to happen, but you may not be afraid of a danger or possibility of an accident in your workplace where every day you are involved in it. For example, you may be cherishing so much the possibility of cancer for you; but you may not cherish, in your inner-space you may feel the possibility of accident in that machine in which you are directly working the whole day is impossible, you may not perceive the fear of accident, you may feel that is impossible. You may feel the fear of cancer because the next guy, the guy who is working next to you is smoking. The passive fear of cancer looks very much possible for you. And the machine in which you are working, your hand will go into that, the possibility of that accident looks unperceivable for you. Please understand, I am not saying whether you will get cancer or not get cancer, or whether you will get into accident or not get into accident. Here I am talking about perception, the permutation-combination of perception...the permutation-combination of perception. Please understand, I wanted you to understand this concept very deeply, because understanding this concept will lead you to the liberated thinking. Sometimes the straight possible negative happenings or accidents will not even be impacting your decision-making, because you don't entertain incompletion or fear about it. For example, this small fear you entertain that 'this fellow constantly smoking, I may get cancer because of that smoking', because of that fear, you may want to change the place. But every day you are working in a machine which is very risky; even if you doze for a moment, your hand or head will be cut! But, in your cognition, you don't perceive that as a big fear; so you don't even feel like a change in job. I have seen some doctors, just if some patient comes with a cough or cold, they will cover themselves with mask and everything; but when they are doing surgery for a HIV patient, they won't even care to protect themselves! It is because of your perception. Please understand, I am not saying you will get HIV or not get HIV, or you will get cough or not get cough, I am not talking about that; all I am talking is, your perception plays a major role in your decision-making than the reality.

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