Don't Let SDHD Infect You

February 2, 2014


In today's (15th January, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda shares an important message -- we need to be sure about ourselves! The poisonous words of others cannot touch us or deter us from our life's mission when we are sure about ourselves. The number one characteristic we need to have in order to excel in spirituality, contribute to the world, be a leader, and even for enlightenment is to be sure of ourselves! Let us be confident, sure of ourselves and free from the prison of insecurity! TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome all of you with my love and blessings. Today, I will continue to expand on Kalpataru. Before entering into the satsangh, I just wanted to say a few words. One local channel in Karnataka -- nobody knows the name of the channel, it is not seen by people; I think its name is "Samaya"; very few people know the name of the channel -- just to get TRP, it started spreading lies, saying that I have instructed this hotel (in Haridwar) not to allow any people from Karnataka to stay here. It is a complete lie! It is a false statement! And, I wanted to make it very clear to the people of Karnataka, I love Karnataka and I love the people of Karnataka. Neither me nor my representatives made any of this kind of statements like "don't allow Karnataka people to stay in this hotel" and all. We never made any statement to the hotel in any form. Today, the hotel is itself releasing an official statement that they never received any of this kind of statement from Swamiji or Swamiji's representatives. And we are also sending a letter to the Chief Minister (of Karnataka) explaining the truth. And we have also sent a request to the Chief Minister to save us from this kind of abusal, spreading of lies, rumours. It is actually a typical case of how small-time channels which don't have any TRP, just to get TRP create lies, rumours and abuse. So, today we are also sending the Press Release by the hotel officially, and letter to the Chief Minister from the hotel officials, to the Karnataka Chief Minister, that whatever Samaya TV is telling is a lie and it is a rumour just to abuse us, keep us in the fear mood. All they are trying to do is that only -- constantly trying to keep us in the fear mood, crisis mood, so that we will be running around fighting the fear, we will not be able to do any spiritual work. That is their motive. But we WILL do our spiritual work! We WILL do our spiritual work! I will expand on Kalpataru. Again, today, I want to tell a very important truth, please listen. Don't look at yourself through the hatred of others. Please understand, when people abuse you, like how these fellows now, this Samaya TV is doing, don't look at yourself through their eyes, because they are vomiting the poison which they are carrying about others. A man who carries Self-Doubt, Self-Hatred and Self-Denial goes on poisoning others. Please listen! Abusing, spreading the Self-Hatred, Doubt, Denial is terrorism. Don't look at yourself through the eyes of a terrorist. Abusing, spreading hatred, telling lies, don't see yourself through their eyes, because that will completely destroy you. I have the General Manager of this hotel who is here to make a public statement in Sadhna TV. I welcome him to the stage. GENERAL MANAGER OF THE HOTEL SPEAKS: "Morning everyone! It is very disappointing to know the statement which is being made by some channels in Karnataka -- Samaya TV, I believe. But, let me put it in this way, what I came to know was there has been a program in a local Kannada channel, Samaya TV, saying that Nithyananda Swami gave a statement against Kannadigas. Let me also tell you, we are very proud to have Swamiji here, and we will welcome everybody who comes and stays here in our hotel. There is no religion or anything stopping...... Everybody is a guest. As a guest, everybody is like God. We don't stop anybody from staying here. I personally, as General Manager of this hotel, Rajesh Gupta, would like to say that if the channel is making such a statement, it is very wrong and very disappointing. No such statement has been made either by Swamiji or his representatives to the hotel. I can see local people also come and they are doing his program. So, there is no boundaries for anyone. We are not stopping anyone. I also had the personal good fortune of attending some of the satsanghs and I have been personally enriched. In fact, some of my colleagues are feeling very, very comfortable, especially a couple of my colleagues are also part of the everyday satsangh which is morning 7 to 8. It is our pleasure to have Swamiji hold such a world-class spiritual program in this hotel which is good for this hotel and the people of Haridwar. Swamiji's message is inclusive of everyone. We are not stopping anyone. I don't know how this channel is showing this, but if it has shown, it is very wrong against Swamiji. And I welcome.....everybody can come and stay here in our hotel.

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