Don't Let Your Mind Cheat you

about 10 years ago


In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains how the four truths of life transform our experience. He warns us that when we find ourselves continually unable to solve our conflicts, we have become spiritually disconnected. The key to reviving our energy lies in embodying the four principles over and over again until they imprint into our bio-memory. The sincere practice of integrity grants us a positive perspective; authenticity brings us into the space of infinite possibility. Responsibility raises us to leadership and enriching opens the way to enlightenment. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today, I will expand on initiation of the four tattwas and Kundalini awakening. Living these four principles awakens your Kundalini and allows the extraordinary possibilities to happen in your inner being. When you lose interest in life, when you again and again hit the conflicts which you are not able to solve, or the solutions you find you again and again forget and get untangled into the same problem, if you are in this space, please listen. You are moving towards Death! Life has lost its interest over you! You lost interest over Life! Not able to find solutions for some of your internal conflicts, or again and again stuck with the same problem, you forget even after you find the solution -- you find the solution, in two days again you forget the solution and you are caught in the same problem; after two days again you forget the solution, you are caught in the same problem -- if your life is rolling like this, be very clear, you are disconnected from life. You need to do something immediately! These four principles are Ganga into the desert of conflicts! If your mind has become desert of conflicts, bring this Ganga of four principles -- Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility and Enriching. Listen! Success of these four principles depends on living it again and again and again. For example, if you have lived 12 years of married life with lots of arguments, fights, ups, downs, everything, at one day if you decide to break the relationship when you are in a low mood or when the fight is in the peak, when you decide to break the relationship, your mind will show as if the whole 12 years was nothing but fight and exploitation. How many of you cognize what I am saying? But if you decide not to break, and somehow heal, and you continue to live, your mind will say the whole 12 years was a smooth marriage; at least, stably you are living together. So, please listen, the decision you make this moment only decides your perception of the whole past. How many of you cognize what I am saying? So, there is no such thing as "past" exists for you. Your mind shows every moment different, different past. I have seen! Some people who lived in the ashram for years, for their own vested interest and reasons if they decide to leave, when they leave I have seen they strongly believe all the years they lived in the ashram is a torture, struggle! If they decide to cross that low mood and stay back, within the next few days or few hours they feel, 'What a blessing to live in the ashram! I should not have missed this in that low mood! If I have decided to leave, it would have been such a big miss! It would have been such a big curse! What a blessing to see an incarnation every morning! I may doubt whether he is an incarnation or not, but I am sure he is a person with extraordinary power and grace. What a great thing I am able to see him every day! This itself is a great thing! I should not have gone into that low mood. I will not even think any more about leaving!' But in one week you are again back! 'No, no, no! I think I have to leave! He may be an incarnation or avatar, but he will not be able to help the problem in which I am stuck. His level is different. I can't go to his level!' Then, again, mind will show as if the whole time you lived in the ashram was a torture. Then, again, somehow you don't get ticket or taxi and you don't leave. Next day again, your mind will start, 'Anyhow, even if I solve my problem outside, I won't have his presence. Wherever I go, this mind is going to be there. If I am here, at least his there once in a while. By mistake some of the words he utters will enter into my inner space, and I may have the space of peace and restful awareness.' You console yourself. See, now whatever I am talking, every person who is in a relationship or marriage can understand. It is very unfortunate, based on your present mood and the space, your mind shows your whole past in that same color. If you are in the dark inner space, your mind paints the whole past as dark and shows you. If you are in the bright inner space, your mind shows your whole past as a bright possibility. Only when you break this pattern, you start human life. It is so unfortunate, listen, it is so unfortunate, human-beings does not understand the truth that when your mind is in dark space,

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