Don't Live an 'Indian Divorce' with Life

May 12, 2014


In today's (9th May, 2014) morning Satsang from Varanasi, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on Living Advaitha and the teamily process. He clearly stated the more anger, violence and arrogance you carry the more disintegrated you become and the more impossibility you carry. Your body should celebrate your presence in it. People should celebrate your presence in their life. Complete with the angry arrogant child inside and make friends with you and cause the reality of your teamily. TRANSCRIPTS:- Let us move to Living Advaitha. Listen! I wanted to make these few statements on Living Advaitha, the teamily process in which I am guiding all of you. The more and more violence you cherish, the more and more you become pieces, disintegrated and useless to yourself and others. Listen! Never ever believe, out of ignorance or innocence people become useless. No! Only out of cunningness, people become useless! It is a law of life! If somebody is not useful to themselves and others, be very clear, it is intense violence they are cherishing. See, in the land when there is no water and it becomes too hot, it breaks and gives way, goes to pieces. Same way, in the Being when there is too much of violence, heat, it gets disintegrated. I tell you, not once or twice, thousands of times I have seen, whether it is Thanedars, Kotharis or Mahants, whenever I see inefficiency, I see a deep anger inside them, arrogance, feeling that they need to be given more in everything. I never accept innocence or ignorance with inefficiency. It is a deep violence and anger and arrogance. So, listen! This is the law of life. This is the law of life. You cannot debate with it. You cannot fight with it. You cannot change it. There is nothing even to accept it. Yesterday I received an email from St. Louis Mahant about trying to show she is so weak, innocent, and her sobbing stories, crying stories. The moment I received the mail and read it, I told the Shrimahant, 'Tell her to come out of her violence, arrogance, anger.' My Shrimahant said, 'I can never imagine she can be violent and angry. She is so soft, soft-spoken, smooth, silent, peaceful.' I said, 'No! This is the spiritual advice!' I tell you, anywhere, anywhere, this is the law of life. Get it! Anywhere you see people carrying impossibility, dry, cannot relate with the reality of life. Please understand, whenever you relate with the reality of life joyfully, auspicious things simply happen around you. Even in my Sangha, some of these fellows, they try to show they are very spiritual and try to live aloof life. I tell them, 'No!' Complete arrogance! If the people around you, who see you, live around you, if they cannot celebrate your presence, you are completely infected with intense violence. Be very clear, people should be able to celebrate your presence. If people around you celebrate your presence, you are a Sannyasi. Otherwise, you just live in your arrogant shell. You need to do a lot of Completion. I tell you, please understand, these are some of the laws of life, but these are truths! Your body should celebrate your presence inside it. Your stomach should bless you after you give it food. If, afterwards, you feel tired, heavy, uncomfortable, be very clear, you are not eating for your body, you are eating for your tongue! A few inch muscle can destroy your whole life! Your body should celebrate your presence inside it. The people around you should celebrate your presence in their life. Somehow, this not being in tune with life is considered as one of the spiritual qualities, or it is tolerated. Please understand, you should not accumulate wealth immorally, adharmically. But, if you are not able to generate whatever wealth you need to fulfil your mission, there is something seriously wrong in you; your goal is not as you declared, there is hypocrisy in it; there is a strong inauthenticity, cheating. I tell you, just if one body and one mind is integrated to one goal, the Cosmos can never say, 'No!', even if the goal is so-called "wrong"! If the body and mind is integrated to the goal, authentic to the goal, the Cosmos has to simply say, 'Thathaasthu'! From Tiruvannamalai Mahant they gave a mail, 'I am not able to run the ashram. Too many staff. No income. I will drop the staff.' I just told him, 'Drop this pattern of "how much I can do", and look around. You will see that what you need will immediately be there!' By evening I received a mail, 'Yes, I dropped the pattern "how much I can do" and looked around. There were people already giving what I wanted!'

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