Don't Run Away from Love

March 8, 2014


8th March, 2014 Morning Satsang of Paramahamsa Nithyananda The most precious gift a human being can have in life is the love which comes from the Master. In this amazing satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda shares about how Master's love works inside us and enlightens us. In the Guru's words, "Blessed are those who taste love of the Master". Nithyananda explains that love from the Master fills us, enlightens us and flows back as love for the Master. This video provides links to the following video's: Nithyananda: Ramana Maharshi Is My First Love Fall in love with your Higher self Innocent Surrender Not Ignorant Surrender Let your Romance become Devotion Website and Social Media: TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Please listen! Now I am going to give a very important sacred secret, going to make a very important statement! Please listen! Now I am going to make a very important statement! Love OF the Master enters into you, completes you, fulfils you, and turns back as love FOR the master, and enlightens you! Listen! Love OF the Master enters into you, fulfils you, completes you, turns around and flows as love FOR the Master, and liberates you! Blessed are those who taste love of the Master! Whether it is a benign look, benevolent look, or serious look of a surgeon! When a surgeon looks at a tumour, remember he looks at the tumour, not you! Unfortunately, when I look at the tumour to terrorize the tumour, you mistake that I am looking at you. Understand, decide clearly to hate what the Master hates, to love what the Master loves. In every one of you, there is a part which the Master loves. Love that part, cherish that part, nourish that part, entertain that part, enrich that part; that will enlighten you! In every one of you, there is one part which the Master hates. Hate that, destroy it, complete it; that will be a great liberation for you! Listen! It is love of the Master that enters into you. It can be as simple as Nayana Deeksha -- his eyes falling on you. I have created a new deeksha, a new initiation with which successfully I have initiated millions. I have to give a new name for it -- "Smiling Deeksha"! Just a smile; it goes and does the job, and it never comes back empty-handed; it brings that person alive! Many times you know you are transforming, but you are not able to tolerate your own transformation, because you have a lot of vested interests. Many times with your ignorance you are in a known, comfortable, cosy zone. But the Master's love melts all that. You know your transformation, your own transformation is too much for you. And you even try to escape! But His love is so powerful, he continues to work, continues to work, continues to work. Only one thing: Don't shut the pipeline through which he is supplying the love! "Shutting the pipeline" means, either escaping, running away, disappearing, or never allowing him to train you. I have seen a few people, you can't train them; they will fall into depression or they will run away. Always their one leg is outside! Always they will have one leg outside! And I also leave them. 'Okay, do what you want!' The tumour has become heavier than their body weight in them! See, when your body weight, the good muscles, good organs' weight is fifty kilograms, and the tumour's weight is twenty kilograms, you can remove the tumour and save the body living and kicking around! But when the body weight is fifty kilos and the tumour has become eighty kilos, what can you do? Naturally you feel the tumour is you. When I try to do surgery on the tumour, you shout, 'Oooh...Don't touch me! Touch me not!' Then I say, 'Alright! Come back with a new body!' Untrainable! I tell you, I really tell you, you will find crores of temples, lakhs of monasteries, thousands of gurus, but only very few incarnations! When you find an enlightened being's love, when you are fortunate enough to taste and get to be around an enlightened being, don't miss the amazing possibilities, the amazing space which can happen in you, the amazing depth which can happen in you! Please understand, allow the Master's love to work inside you.

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