Don't Work for Death - Talks from Katopanishad by Nithyananda

over 10 years ago


In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda addresses the teachings of Katopanishad. The child Nachiketa, who asks Yama, the God of Death, to give him the understanding of dying, is offered great wealth as a substitute. Nachiketa wisely replies that nothing can substitute for the treasure of knowledge. Wealth, no matter how great, can neither prevent death nor can it be taken along after life ends. Once one has true wisdom, everything else needed for this life is easily obtained. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome you all with my love and respects. It's the life, it's the life. It's like Evolving, Evolving..... It's the life..only when I started living with them, I realized it takes some more time drilling these Satyas.. you see Tatvas becoming Satya it take little time. Bramhanyam Bahuputrataam!!! So, I am updating the official English translation. I am the favorite inheritor. That is the right translation, the complete translation. I am the favourite one is little small. I am the favourite inheritor of the cosmos. I am the favourite inheritor of the cosmos. Please FB everywhere change again. Priyanka, please change the FB title Ma. I am the favourite inheritor of the cosmos!!! That is the complete translation of Bramhanyam Bahuputrataam. Okay! With engrave nicely carve it. Bramhanyam Bahuputrataam. So ever lives in that consciousness. If they have initiation, they will have that ring. Bramhanyam Bahuputrataam. I am the favourite inheritor of the cosmos. You should have done atleast 5 miracle, only then you can be considered as the I am the favourite inheritor of the cosmos. Yes areah you can do, it is not a big thing. Authentically see and of course, when the course is progressing you will realize just remember in your anandha gandha -- Nithyanandoham!!! I am Nithyananda! Then miracle starts happening. That's all , with the completion, when the Ananda Gandha takes you over, takes over you. See till you are working on clearance, it is you working with the mind, once anandha gandha takes over you and you have that feeling that experience, Nithyanandoham, simply you will create miracles. Take a rose plant and drop the thorns, that will be one miracle, heal somebody, that will be one miracle and stop the rain, that will be one miracle, bring the rain, that will be a miracle. Authentically, when you have done the 5 miracle, then you know these powers are in your disposal. It is not for pride you wear the ring and go around. When yo u feel it, come and stretch the hand. I will never deny any hand stretching.. I commit. I have decided I will never deny. So stretching your hand is your responsibility, when you feel it, experience it when you know, you are not going to fall from it. Stretch the hand. Same way, when anyone stretches the body, I am not going to deny Kavi. When you stretch the body, take the responsibility for authenticity. take the responsibility for authenticity. It is not that you will spend your whole life just worshipping me. No. I am introducing a new word Yesterday I gave this word in the program. Workshipping me! Not just worshipping me. Workshipping ME. Any worship should lead to Workship or it is worst ship. It is worst ship. Understand! The worship should lead to Workship or it is worst ship else it is worshipping or worst shipping. Breathe only the AIRE, A.I.R.E -- Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility, and Enriching. AIRE! Breather only AIRE. Let you breathe AIRE and AIRE breathe you. -- Authenticity, Integrity, Responsibility, and Enriching (14:23) So he is very clear whatever you give me I am only the trustee I will multiply and give it back to you when you come and take away so more life you give me more I am going to be working to handover the whole thing back to you. DOnt work for death. Anything you are creating it is like a slave I have seen in Indian villages the owner of the company matchbox company 'beedi' village cigarette company they will give that fund to the guy to the worker he will make make make and come handover the product to the owner and this fellow the owner of the company gives some money once in a while for this guy's alcohol, womanizing and everything. So by that time that guy is about to die the worker he would have built enough debt so whatever he has created the whole thing comes back to owner that is exactly what you are doing, death gives you something and you think mine! mine! Mine! And jump around. You work work work work build tall towers finally when death comes you handover everything to death and go away. Somebody else who has the life comes and starts ruling. SO learn the science of life that is the first priority. Iam so happy for gurukul kids they are learning the science of life they are learning right thing in right time. Many of you are learning right thing but may not be in right time ok time. Gurukul kids are learning right thinkg in right time I am seeing now 90% have become stable only the remaining 10% are moving in..

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