Drop Your Irrational Rational Logic

October 15, 2015


In today’s Nithya Satsang (13 Oct 2015) from Varanasi on Isavasya Upanishad, Paramahamsa Nithyananda first blesses all on the start of the grand Navratri festival, the 9 sacred days and nights of worship of cosmic mother. Only the Mother worship traditions are non-violent on planet earth. He then expands on keyword of the 16th verse, which is ‘Soham – I am He’. If we realize ‘Soham’, life is bliss, otherwise, shokam, life is sadness. This verse signifies that the Rishis, who are operating out of reality not the irrational rational logic, not only look-up beyond the sun, in the cosmos, but also look-in, asking, “Oh Lord, reveal your gracious beautiful form, which is ME, indeed, I am He, Soham-asmi! pūṣann ekarṣe yama sūrya prājāpatya vyūha raśmīn samūha tejaḥ | yat te rūpaṁ kalyāṇatamaṁ tat te paśyāmi yo sāv asau puruṣaḥ, so’ham asmi ||16||

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