Ecosystem of Kailaasa is Critical for Living Enlightenment (Satsang 13 JAN 2019)

January 15, 2019


Bhagawan shares the sacred secret from Hinduism - Living Enlightenment does not need sacrifice, it needs only Vision clicking with you. But till the Vision clicks you need to have the patience and will persistence for which you need sacrifice. He initiates us into a powerful process to allow this experience to happen in us. He shares about Paramashivajnana Anuhooti - the experience of Paramashiva. He says - Pleasures (Sukha and Bhoga) bliss, joy, ecstasy, conflict-free inner space etc are rooted in Oneness, whether internally or externally. Also Oneness that exists in you for longer period we call it with higher words like Ananda, Bliss, Bhava, Samadhi. Oneness that your system is not able to retain, sustain we call it dukha, pressure, happiness. Fundamentally they both are different in their expression and their quantity and influence over system but both are rooted in Oneness. So if you nurture Oneness, it is sadhana. When your consciousness nurtures your Oneness it is Shakti. Bhagawan offers shastra pramanas from Hindu history and His own atma pramana to drill home this truth in us.

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