Empowering others empowers you

December 11, 2013


In today's morning satsang from Bali Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded further on the practical implications of being infinitely powerful. and infinitely intelligent. In order to fully experience the four Powers you need to cause them to happen in others. Speaking into the listening of the listener does this. He advised us that any truth is active when you cause it in others so we should burn all our self doubts and become acharyas for that purpose. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- 10th day! One side it feels, 'Okay, ten days.' One side it feels, 'TEN DAYS! It is only ten days? So much has happened!' Other side feels that eternally we are sitting in Bali. 'Only ten days over?' Both, the reason is same. So much is happening in you! What you are supposed to go through in twenty-five, thirty years, you are going through in just these last ten days. The re-cognition maturity, clarity, re-thinking, everything. Just in ten days so much. Today I will continue to expand on "PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONS -- TATTWA GNANA". Please listen. The practical implications of this great experiential expression, Tattwa Gnana, the truth revealed, the practical implication of that truth is you understanding your infinite knowledge and power does not need to be compared, competitive, jealous, afraid, threat to anybody else. Please understand, you always have a feeling you can't be infinitely powerful and intelligent. Then what about others? It is this idea of comparison that constantly makes you believe you can't be infinitely intelligent, you can't be infinitely powerful. So, please be very clear, you being infinitely powerful, is neither a threat nor a problem for others. Look into the deeper practical implications. You being infinitely intelligent, powerful, efficient, above all intelligent, beautiful, efficient, powerful, above all does not have any other supreme personality of godhead as authority. The next practical implication: When there is no superior authority, your independent intelligence is the ultimate, you are free. That is the ultimate liberation. And the next practical implication: Automatically you cause what you want to cause in your life. You cause Vaak Siddhi, you cause Mano Siddhi. Mano siddhi means, ability to visualize and make that into reality. Mano Siddhi means, conquering impossibility, expressing all these great powers. Listen, this is the main thing you need to know:You will be causing all those powers in you powerfully only when you cause these powers into others, understand. Only when you are inspiring, speaking into the listening of the others and awakening these various powers in them, various intelligences in them, YOUR intelligence will be awakened, because you are not just centered on your body, you are so many people put together. How much ever great Vaak Siddhi powers you create in you, if your wife also doesn't have those powers, nothing will work for you. You can see in your life, all your spiritual practice and going up, she will pull it down, or he will pull it down in one minute. So, listen, unless, unless you cause all these great intelligences, energies. Integrity is intelligence, Vaak Siddhi is energy, Authenticity is intelligence, Mano Siddhi is power, Responsibility is intelligence, Leadership Consciousness is a power, Enriching is intelligence, Enlightened Life is a power. Each intelligence lead to one power. Methodology to reach that power is intelligence. I tell you, whether this intelligence or the power, it happens in you only when you cause it in others. Any intelligence, any intelligence or any power, it fully expresses in you only when you cause it in others. I tell you, I have seen in my life. I have become enlightened at the age of twelve; but only when I caused this into others. My whole Parivrajaka Yatra, spiritual pilgrimage, when I look back, I am able to understand, it is just attempt to cause this into others; amateur attempt, not a powerful, a planned clear, conscious attempt, an amateur attempt to cause these into others. Listen, between the age of twelve and twenty-two, I had only tremendous inspiration to cause these experiences into others. After twenty-two to twenty-five, I started developing intelligence also; means, skill, ability to speak into the listening of others, listening of listener. Only when I started causing this great intelligences and energies into others, I saw all that started flowering in me to its peak possibility. Only when you give birth to a child, you are mother; till then you are "possibility for mother". In India, any woman is addressed as "Ma"; means, the "possibility for mother". Only when you become mother, you are "Amma". So, all of us are possibility; but only when we cause others, we become reality; only when we cause this knowledge, intelligence, energy in others, we become reality. So, please understand, make it into reality. Start speaking to the listening of the listener. Start moving others.

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