Enlightenment Saves Lives

February 18, 2014


In today's (19th February, 2014) discourse (Nithya Satsang Swamiji emphasized the need for bringing our transformational sciences into our lifestyle - and how the society hits a low when the transformational sciences are not imbibed. Strive, work this transformational sciences to happen to you and to others. Make inner awakening happen to you and to others TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Let us enter into today's satsangh. I wanted to emphasize on a fact today. The modern-day Hindus lost the importance of cognitive shift in their day-to-day life. This is one of the main reasons why so much of heart disease. Please understand, in the world, Indians are the leading ethnic society living in a group, dying with heart attacks and heart-related problems. There is a study in which it says: 600% more than an American an Indian gets heart problems and dies due to heart problems. See, our whole constitution is built to think and function from cognitive shift, with the transformed consciousness. Our system is not built for running out of fear or favour. It is designed to run out of inspiration. Please understand! But for the last hundred years, almost our transformation science is distanced from our day-to-day life. Please understand, don't come and tell me, justify, 'No, no, no....last twenty-five years so much of crowd in the temple!' Crowd in the temple does not mean the transformational sciences are back to life style. People go to temple for various reasons. If you are a youth in the village, you know why you are going to temple. If you are an old man in the village, you know why you are going to temple. If you are a child in the village, you know why you are going to temple. Child in the village goes to temple for Prasad. Youth in the village goes to temple to see the girls. The old man in the village goes to temple just for relaxing. The crowd in the temple does not mean the transformational sciences have become our lifestyle. The crowd in the temple has multiple reasons. The other day I met a Swami. He was telling me, 'I heard that for Shiva Ratri only ten-thousand people come to your ashram. To my temple twenty-five thousand people come!' I just smiled and kept quiet, because the context from which people are coming..... I asked him, 'What do they do?' He said, 'I don't know; they come and pour some water and go. I don't go and see them.' I asked, 'What do YOU do on Shiva Ratri night?' He said, 'No, by 10:30 I go to room and sleep!' I said, 'Thank you!' Understand, now you will understand, crowd in the temple does not mean the transformation sciences have been revived. I am happy about the crowd in the temple. Whatever purpose, whatever reason you go to temple, at least you are going to temple! Great! Along with eating the prasada, at least two minutes you remember Mahadeva! While you are seeing the girls, at least like a commercial break you will see Mahadevi! While you are relaxing, at least a few minutes you will remember Mahadeva! I appreciate going to temple; I am not saying it is not good or anything; but all I am trying to tell you is, that cannot be the scale to say the transformational sciences have become part of our life. The education system has become such....I don't have a word to describe. The context from which the education system is developed itself is such a low vision, low view. Anything from the Indian tradition is not respected. Anything from our source is no more a reality. It is surprising how a great country, the great Bharata Desha, is so fast moving out of the Founding Fathers' vision. The transformational sciences becoming a part of our day-to-day thinking is very important. If that science has started becoming part of our life, you will have such a beautiful, such an amazing social and economic strength. Please understand, the transformational sciences of Hinduism is not anti-life. Even a Swami or Mataji who are not even married, even their life is dedicated for the welfare of the society, constantly enriching and contributing to society. Please understand, the transformational science of Hinduism is not against life; it makes you more and more rich, more and more expansive, more and more strong, more and more intelligent, more and more powerful. Joint families are breaking, children are not doing the father's profession, lot of funny things in India. The so-called revolutionaries, they go around and tell everyone, abuse Varnashrama dharma, tell, 'Why should the son do the same profession of the father?' After doing all this abusal they get into power, but their son becomes their successor! Finally who suffers in this country you know? The poor fellows who listen to all the revolutionaries and throw away that age-old dharmic lifestyle,

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