Enrich others and Life Enriches you

about 10 years ago


In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes the concept of enriching others. When we take responsibility for everything, we expand ourselves to meet all demands and expectations of others, and their lives become richer from exposure to our presence. Life takes place through interaction with others, not in isolated meditation. If we experience higher consciousness when we are alone, but collapse when faced with other human beings, we have not achieved any lasting transformation. Once we can hold the frequency of responsibility for others no matter what their attitude, we have found the state of enriching. We are flooded with cosmic energy, and much of our past karmas are burned away. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Is samay hamare saath upastith huye sabhi darshako aur bhakthako ka prem aevam aashirvadh saahith svagaath karta hoon. Aaj sabse pehale Maharashtra ke sabhi bhakthako ko gudi padva ki hardik suvecha gudi padva ki johaar chaithra maas ka pehle din manaye jaathi hey chaithra navarathri ki aarambh ko lekar aaj ke din gatassthapana hothi hey. Sanskrit basha me badva ka artthh hey chandrama key ujjvall roop is pavithra thyagoor ke thyohaar ke avasar pe sabko mera ardith bathaye aeivam ashirvaad Today is also Ugadi. My blessings to all the devotees from Karnataka, and devotees from Andhra, and the people of Karnataka, and the people of Andhra! May this year be auspicious for all of us! Blessings! This year is the Year of Victory -- VIJAYA . This year there will be victory for us in all forms. Today, I will expand on the fourth principle of life -- ENRICHING -- how it transforms the reality of your life. Aaj ke satsang me ham jeevan ke chovthe tatvalabanvith karna kaise aapke jeeevan ke vasthaviktha key parivarth karte hey uske bare me baath karenge. First, I will define "Enriching" once again: ENRICHING is "you take responsibility with Integrity and Authenticity that you are committed to continuously enriching, which is expanding yourself and life in and around you". Pehle labaanvith karne ka paribasha punah suniyelabanvith karne ka arth hey aap sampoorthi aevam shraddha ka utthardayitva lethe hey ke aapka lagathaar svayam ko andhar aevam bahar ke jeevan ko lagathaar labanvith karne ke liye prathivarth ho. Enriching you and others transforms the reality.Labanvitth karna ka shabdh shabdh he labaanvith karte hey. Always, people feel....., I have seen many of the disciples, seekers come and tell me, 'Swamiji, from now we will start living with Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, and complete our future as we want, but what about all the mess-ups we have done in the past? All the mess-ups we have done in the past, what about that? How to get rid of that karma?' I tell you, by enriching you and others, you take one step more than Responsibility! That alone can burn the past lack of integrity, inauthenticity and irresponsibility. What is Enriching? One step further, going one step further than Integrity, Authenticity and Repsonsibility. Please understand, Enriching is taking responsibility for everyone, taking responsibility to remove everyone's inauthenticity, everyone's lack of Integrity. When you serve the country, country serves you. When you serve somebody, that person serves you. When you enrich, the Cosmos is so happy with you, the whole universe serves you. Enriching you and others alone can transform the reality of your life. Enriching is "taking responsibility for everyone". Keval svayaam ko aur anya logon ko labaanvith karne say he aap aapne jeevan ka vasthaviktha ko roopantrik kar sakthe hey. Enriching is taking the responsibility for everyone. Labaanvith karne ka arth hey ki aap sabke liye utthardayithva lethe hey. I tell you from my own experience, just because I decided to enrich, all the religious persecution, attack done against me, has become powerless. It lost its power! Svayaam ko aur doosro ko labaanvith karna utthardayithva lene se ek gatam adheek hey bas vahi aap jeevan ko parivarthith kar sakthe hey aap adhiik ki asampoorthi ashraddha hai? zimmedaari sabhi ko basma kar sakthe hey. Constantly people ask me, especially the spiritual seekers, they ask me, 'Swamiji, we understand we should practice Integrity, Authenticity, even Responsibility. But why should we enrich others?' Please listen! For you, life happens with others! You are not living in a forest, inside a deep, dark cave where nobody is there! Your life is in you, for you, by you. No one knows you, you don't know anybody, if you are living like that, then you don't need to wonder or think worry about enriching. But your life is not like that! Where you are, hundreds of people are involved with your life! Sometimes, thousands are involved! If you are a public figure, millions are involved! When your life is involved with so many people and so many people's life is involved with you, if you want any transformation in your life, I tell you, you have to work and transforming others'

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