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about 10 years ago


In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda demonstrates the ideal lifestyle: the lifestyle of sannyas. Sannyas is responsible living. When we understand that everything touching us, impacting us, is our responsibility, we spontaneously become sannyasis, embracing the lifestyle of living enlightenment. Society has conditioned us to expect a shallow, superficial lifestyle as the ideal way. Once we view the world with fresh perception, we long to heal the hurts we see, to teach the ignorant and nourish the poor. This is sannyas -- the way of responsibility. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I will expand on the unique equation, relationship that exists between the state of Responsibility and the Reality. Feeling responsible happens in you when you start practicing Integrity and Authenticity. Only when you start practicing Integrity and Authenticity, you will realize you are responsible for all your powerlessness, feeling deprived. Everything you experience, you are responsible. Listen! Only when you understand you are responsible for anything you feel in you as incompletion, powerlessness and deprived, you will even start thinking in the angle of taking responsibility. When a person takes responsibility, so much flowers in him, so much happens in him. Sometimes, I used to wonder, I have seen even among my devotees, same batch, two persons who completed M.B.B.S. and came out of the same college -- of course, same batch mates, came out - after 30 years one will be the MD of chain of hospitals, another one will be sitting in the same old village, attending patients for ten rupee per patients, and with a big magnifying glass reading the same old newspaper; because whole day only some ten patients will come; that also five will be free! Why same batch, same college, same training, two comes out, one becomes the MD of a chain of hospital, another one sits inside his own chains? Sometime, the MD of the hospital would have failed in few subjects in the college; as stories usually have it! Why? 3:57 Listen! The only difference, the only reason for difference is - FEELING RESPONSIBLE! Feeling responsible! aapme zimmedaari ka stithi tabhi stapith ho saktha hain jab aap pehle lagaathaar sampoorthi evam shraddha ka abhyaas karenge. jab ek vyakthi uttardaayitva lene lagtha hain tab jeevan ki dhaara lagaathaar behne lagthi hain. Yesterday, one sadhu from North India came to our ashram. He was talking to some of our sannyasis, sannyasinis, in the Welcome Center. When he saw all our sadhus are intensely active, alive and working, he said, 'First time I am seeing a Hindu organization with so much of activism!' He said, in his ashram, hundreds of them stay. He says I am, he was telling he is tired of just sleeping in the room. He was literally crying. He said, 'for last 13 years I am a sadhu. I am tired of just sleeping, sleeping, sleeping in the room! I came to learn some kriya, yoga, ways of initiation, method to practice spirituality and teach.' But you know - this is the worst part of the human mind - once you are settled, the patterns settles inside you wasting your life. After that, even if you suffer because of it, you don't come out of it. By evening, he ran away! He said, 'Even this air is so dynamic! Inside your campus, even breathing is so dynamic!' literally! He came and met Ma Maneesha! And after all, he met the wrong person! Ma Maneesha is so dynamic, she straight away said, 'Which department you want to take? Do you want to be in the temple? Do you want to be in the kitchen?' And he ran away disappeared without even informing! It seems one of our, another one ashramite told that sadhu before leaving, 'Please meet Ma Maneesha and then go.' He ran! Please listen! I tell you, this is an important fact, just four days only it takes for your muscle-memory to taste laziness and boredom, tiredness and settle down with it! A tiger, if it has not tasted the salty blood -- human blood is the most salty blood -- it does not become man-hunters, man-eaters. Once it tastes the human blood, it becomes man-eater. Understand, for a tiger it takes only one human body, then the bio-memory, muscle-memory of the tiger settles for man eating. If they have not already tasted the human blood, they don't hunt human-beings; they don't attack human-beings; they don't eat human-beings. By mistake or by hunger or for protection if they attack human-beings and taste the human blood -- because human blood is the saltiest blood -- if they taste the human blood by mistake, only then they start attacking human beings and they become man-eaters. Understand, one meal, human meal, is required for the tiger, human flesh meal is required for the tiger's muscle-memory to settle down as a man-eater. Same way, human-beings need only four days to settle down with tiredness and boredom and laziness. Please listen! I am talking something very important and very mystical! I tell you, never ever take vacation four days continuously in your life!

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