Enriching Makes you an Incarnation

about 10 years ago


In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda explains the science of integrity. Integrity is the mathematics of life. When we declare completion on our negative commitments we get 'zero remainder': our future is freed from our past. Authenticity is the biology of life and can have independent intelligence. Responsibility is the engineering of life: it is like science fiction becoming reality. Responsibility generates miracles: it was responsibility that led the Buddha to enlightenment. Enriching is the constitution of life: when we enrich others we establish our own legislation. Life flows as we ordain it to be. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today I will expand on the great principle of life -- RESPONSIBILITY and ENRICHING. Please listen! How these principles expand your consciousness and help you to achieve what you want to achieve, help you to decide what you want to achieve. Please listen! · Integrity is MATHEMATICS of Life. · Authenticity is BIOLOGY of Life. · Responsibility is SCIENCE of Life. · Enriching is CONSTITUTION of Life. Integrity is Mathematics of Life. It is simple, straight-forward Mathematics. If you add all this, this, this -- this is result. You can simply practice it like Mathematics. Many a time, I can see, a human-being if he is not going to be inspired by the spiritual truths, he is going to be inspired only by fear. Sometimes, people have become so selfish, they bother only about their personal pleasure or pain. When the life hits at them there, only then they understand the Constitution of Life, Constitution of the Cosmos, not otherwise. If you have become sensitive enough to understand life and the facts and the truth, the Cosmos does not teach you in a very hard way; it teaches you in a simple, mild way. If you don't come back to Integrity, the Cosmos continues to torture you. No other way! Because Integrity is a simple Mathematics of the Life!(2:45 to 3:21) Integrity is Mathematics of Life. If you add two negative statements, commitments to your thinking, you will have two negative happenings. If you repeat a negative, commitment hundreds of times, it will be strong, equivalent to hundred times! So, you have to complete till your negative commitments are completed and dropped. But, even if you have millions of negativitY, if you just make it "into zero" (multiply it by zero), or divide it by zero, the whole thing will become zero! Master's initiation is either dividing it or "into(x) zero"! It is equivalent to dividing it by zero. The whole thing will become zero. I am teaching you the Mathematics of Life. You need to listen intensely. Integrity Every negativeS commitment you give to you is alive! Every negative commitments you give it to you is alive! Each negative commitments has to be nullified. Till it is nullified, it continues to give fruit. It is simple Mathematics! Bringing integrity to you is simple mathematics(5:08 to 6:22)I can also tell you one more thing even you declaring completion can be like adding dividing your negative commitments with zero, dividing your negative commitments with zero so even if you built millions of negative commitments if you divide it by zero it will become zero So, your declaration of Integrity is like dividing all your past negativity by zero, or multiplying by zero. When you multiply it by zero, it lands into zero. Listen if you divide it by zero even if your negative commitments land into infinity it will become positive because in negativity there is no infinity darkness can never be infinite light can be infinite negative can never be infinite only positive can be infinite because infinity needs to exist negativity does not exist. Integrity when you practice, you will see like Mathematics immediately the benefit will be seen. Literally like Mathematics! Authenticity is Biology. If you start practicing Authenticity, it takes a few days for it to become your bio-memory and the result to happen in your day-to-day life. But once it starts happening, it is like once something becomes your bio-memory, you can't remove it. Even if you miss it a few times, you don't miss the good things happening outside you. You can get back to Authenticity. But Integrity, even if you miss once for example if you practice integrity for 20 years even if you miss once and give a negative commitment, it will be a reality till you drop it, till you complete it. It is a simple Mathematics! Integrity has no independent life. But Authenticity gets into the space of life and matter like Biology. Authenticity goes a deep, a step further. It is beyond maths beyond biology science of life it is engineering of life you can build anything you want you can achieve anything you want you can achieve many things you not even started imagining till now many things in your life you have not even started imagining till now you can achieve those things ! It is like science fiction become reality. Many times, scientific discoveries and

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