Enter into the flow of life

October 10, 2013


In today’s morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda describes the importance of balancing the image we hold about ourselves and the one we project to others. Feeling powerless or powerful has nothing to do with external factors but has everything to do with how we experience ourselves. Practicing non-resistance will directly help us to bridge the gap of our outer and inner selves. Only then can we achieve completion and the ultimate - enlightenment. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today, I would like to expand on just two important truths. Yesterday I was continuing on how the ultimate spiritual truths should be understood not in the language of “Yes-No” or “Yes or No”, it has to be understood in the multiple infinite permutation combination. Please understand, “do not resist” does not mean “accept”. I wanted to bring just two important facts today, important truths, for all of us to contemplate whole day: “Whether you feel you are powerless, bound, or you feel powerful, liberated, both is decided inside your strategy planning”. Please understand, whether you feel bound or you feel liberated, both does not get decided based on how you are able to proceed in your life. I wanted to remind this fact. The external happening, whether it is success or failure, does not directly contribute to you feeling powerful or powerless. If you think the external happenings contribute for you feeling powerful or powerless, that is what I call “wrong context”, “incompletion”. Please understand, even if you feel powerful, excited, energetic, blissful, if you think external happening is the reason for that joy, for that powerfulness, for that excitement, for that bliss, you are having joy out of wrong context; it will not stay with you; it is not going to become lifestyle in you! Not only the right experience, but the right context is needed. So, whether you feel powerful or powerless, whether you feel excited or depressed, whether you feel rich or poor, whether you feel healthy or sick, nothing, nothing comes from external happening. It is the experience of you having about you. Please understand, yesterday I was giving you one example – the Indian PWD - Public Works Department, they never go to the ground when they plan for a road. They sit in their air-conditioned office and finish the whole road planning! The person who goes there to lay the road, only he finds out in this place you don’t need a road, you need bridge! In this place you don’t need bridge, you need road! In this place a protected monument is standing; the road has to take a turn. They never bother to go to the ground reality to check whether their decision are right or wrong! Same way, we never bother the ground reality to check whether our decision that we are bound or liberated is right or wrong. Please understand, the ground reality which can really make you understand whether you are bound or liberated is the context with which you continue your thinking. The understanding with which we move our consciousness, the cognition with which you function, the cognition with which you act, the cognition with which you cognize who you are to you. Please understand, the idea you carry about you (the inner image), the idea you project to others about you (the outer image), the gap between these two, the gap between these two brings tremendous self-condemnation and disrespect to yourself. When you see the gap between your inner image and your outer image, instead of completing, bridging, you start condemning. Condemnation is like pulling a rope which has a knot. See, the rope has a knot. You try to pull both sides strongly to remove the knot. Is the knot going to be released? No! Same way, the disrespect or self-condemnation is not going to complete the gap between inner image and outer image. All I am trying to tell you is, first do not resist this gap. I am not saying accept. No! I am not saying accept. Do not resist this gap. Only when you don’t resist, you still start moving in the right direction, you will start having the right strategy planning. Please understand, when you drop the resistance, the first thing that will happen in you, the self-condemnation, the disrespect will start melting down. As long as the disrespect is kept alive, because you don’t respect yourself you create larger and larger outer image. The outer image, when it becomes more larger and larger, you know your inner image is not matching with it, and the disrespect also becomes more and more. So it leads to a vicious circle. Bigger outer image means, naturally, bigger disrespect to yourself. And the gap, when it widens between your inner image and outer image, the experience you go through is what I call “Hell”! Hell and Heaven are not geographical; they are psychological. When there is more disrespect, naturally you can’t sit with yourself, you can’t digest you, you can’t digest your own existence.

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