Establishing in the Non-Return Zone of Living Enlightenment

October 20, 2009


From the works of Living Enlightened Master Paramahamsa Nithyananda. In this discourse Swamiji lays out the rationale for 21 days meditation program, Inner Awakening in terms of thethree stages working towards establishing ones' self in the non-return zone of Living Enlightenment. Usually we spend some time with Swamiji or in the programs and feel excited. We make resolutions to live in higher conciousness. To break away from unconcious living. But we find that life pulls you back in to the rutt again. We let this happen to us because, there are so many unconcious memories - engrams and and the societal circumstances, that pull us back to the same mental setup. Even if we know, this is the case, we lack strength and resolve to and training to livethe truth and the experience the bliss. Swamiji has cognized the solution to overcome this problem.The 21 days is a cycle during whihc we go througha a complete emptional cycle and is possible to reformat the hardware and software and configure to the Nithyananda conciousness. This is what happens, in the 1st 7 days, we struggle, in the 2nd 7 days, we practise, and 3rd 7 days we experience and get the ability to carry the nithyananda effect with us, whereever we are. Here is how the process works: 1. The struggling period: This is the time in which we are inspired by the the teachings, but we are not able to reconcile completely with the unconcious engrams. Intelectually we areable to understand, partly, not completely. Now in this period, we need the intellectual clarity and the technical information, to support our intention to raise conciousness and live in a blissful way. During the 1st 7 days we are given lot of teachings, understanings. 2. The practise period: The next seven days, since we have reconciled intellectually, and now need to integrate the understaning, into our system. We need techniques to let this clarity go deep and be imbibed into our system. We will realise and become constantly aware of the violence and all other self contradicting thoughts, of the mind. 3. The Miracle Period: During the 3rd seven days, we will start experiencing miracles. Your very power of intention with clarity and your very aura will attract the right things happening beyond logic. People who interact with you reciprocate your intentions, and love. All auspicious events start happening around you. You will have strength and courage to practise the truth. More courage and strength will bring more miracles. More miracles will give you more courage to practise the truth. This is the zone of virtuous circle. Master is responsible to help you pass through these three periods. Only after you go through the three periods, you get into the non-return zone. Master, during struggling period gives you technical knowledge. In the practise period he gives you techniques. In the miracle period He gives you the support to experiennce miracles and put you into this non-return zone. This non-return zone of miracles is the Nithyananda State or Jivan Mukthi state. Discourses on wide variety of topics ranging from life solutions to sacred scriptures delivered by Swamiji may be ordered online at

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