Everything Exists in You

March 8, 2015


Today’s (8th March, 2015) Morning Satsang continues with the Upanishads Series - Living Advaita. Isha Upanishad – Verse 6: yastu sarvāṇi bhūtāny ātmany-evānupaśyati | sarva-bhūteṣu cātmānaṁ tato na vijugupsate || 6 || Paramahamsa Nithyananda teaches us very important methods to realize the truth - everything exists in us and we exist in everything. Whether we believe it or not, we just need to know this is the truth. The earlier we make it part of our lives, the sooner we will have a mature, high-end life. The Guru can support us until we fully cognize this truth in us. Incarnations happen not only to teach but also to give boons for experiencing the truths within us, which only they can do.

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