Evolving Your Perception

September 24, 2015


In today's (24th September, 2015) Nithya Satsang In Living Advaita Series, Paramahamsa Nithyananda enters into the 13th verse of Isavasya Upanishad. He elaborates on worship. “Worship means what you constantly believe as the highest possibility of you. What is the completion of you.” Upanishad declares that whatever you worship you will attain that. This is a reminder as a law of existence – what is. It is a great reminder about the highest truth. When we expand our perception, our incompletions melt down and Enlightenment becomes the reality. anyadevahuh sambhavadanyadahurasambhavat । iti susruma dhiranam ye nastadvichachaksire ॥ 13 ॥

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