Experience Advaita The Practical Way

April 6, 2014


In today's (6th April, 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda elaborates on what is a 'Teamily'. The fusion of family plus team equals Teamily. It is composed of the people in which we share our lives, including pets and nature. The Teamily is a fundamental component in the path leading to the space of Advaita, bringing us to a space of completion and non-duality. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Actually, it is so exciting to work and see all your questions live! I literally feel the whole day I am giving satsangh through Facebook! It feels like whole day I am giving satsangh through Facebook! So, I will try to answer many of your questions. I just wanted to remind the people who joined the satsangh today, if you are joining, if you are joining the satsangh today, through Sadhna TV or any other channel, I just wanted to tell you, I am continuing the satsangh, the earlier satsangh on the space of Advaitha, on the space of Advaitha, helping people to experience the space of Advaitha in a practical way. Some people asked me, 'Can we have pets in the teamily?' In the teamily you create, you can have pets. You can even have trees, hills, rivers. Trees, hills, rivers, pets are energic enough, conscious enough, spirit enough to respond to you. So, a river or mountain or a pet or a tree can be added into your teamily. That is the first question. For the new comers, the word "teamily".... "teamily" means: Family and Team together! Unfortunately, human-beings have lost connection even with themselves. Forget about having connection with the family, even with themselves they lost connection. The strong, deep-rooted, grounded lifestyle is lost. Due to various reasons we became very unconscious. Now, making us come back to consciousness and created, complete, centred, grounded with yourself and with your family and team together -- "Teamily". Means, "teamily" is the people with whom you share your life. People who share their life with you is "teamily". Literally, people who are part of your living, your existence, only those people I call them as "teamily". Pets, trees, rivers, mountains can be part of your teamily. Now, next step. I have some questions. I will try to answer. These are from Bela Patel, California. She is asking, 'Is interaction with teamily members a must on a daily basis?' See, sometimes you will have a friend with whom you have not spoken for ten years; but that friendliness is there alive in you. So, with teamily, whether you interact every day or you don't interact, that is not a problem. But the experience of Advaitha should be alive, that is all! That is all! Nothing else! There is no such thing as just because you speak to somebody they are your teamily. I know many people; they live in the same house, but they don't talk to each other! Just because you live in the same place or you talk to them, you can't say they are your teamily. There are some people, every day you talk to each other, but it is only fight....rat-a-tat-a-tat....gun! You talking to somebody every day, or not talking to somebody every day, all that doesn't count. Bela Patel, please understand, I am not a "good-relationship" teaching guru. No! Please understand, I am not teaching you to have a good, great relationship. No! Even if you have the best husband or best wife, he/she is going to die one day. Neither you are going to go with them, nor they are going to come with you. I am not a guru who is teaching you how to have a great relationship, how to win friends and influence people. Understand, the good relationship happens as a side-effect. But the context I am teaching to all of you is to establish yourself in the spiritual space of Advaitha. When you feel oneness, because of the oneness, you will know whatever insecurity the other person is feeling, you will know whatever desire or greed the other person is feeling, you will know the other person's space. Because of your knowledge, you will have love and compassion. Understand, anything which becomes known to you, anything which becomes part of your knowledge, you start loving it. Because you know the desire, greed, struggle, fear the other person is going through when you experience Advaithic space with them, because of that non-duality, you love them, you become compassionate towards them, the relationship may become better. But, my purpose is not making just your relationship better. Understand, the utilities of Advaitha is not Advaitha. The siddhis of Advaitha is not siddhi of Advaitha. The siddhis of non-dual consciousness is not non-dual consciousness itself. So, whether you talk to somebody every day, or not talk to somebody at all, all that does not matter.

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