Experience Kundalini Awakening

April 7, 2013


In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals secrets of Kundalini. Kundalini is the largest untapped natural energy source on the planet! Once it is awakened it can grant any wish and accomplish any goal. Swami Vivekananda teaches that when we pray intensely, it is Kundalini which answers our prayers. Kundalini allows us to access the untapped regions of the brain, manifesting miraculous powers and heightened intelligence. How to awaken Kundalini? We can light our lamps only from an already-burning fire. An enlightened master can transmit the frequency to our bio-memory. Nithyananda prepares to confer this initiation in the near future. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- Today, we will work on Kundalini Shakthi, experientially understanding and experiencing it. First, I will define Kundalini Shakthi. Please listen! Kundalini energy is your inner potential bio-energy which is available in your Being in the form of potential. Only with the right method, knowledge and process, when you awaken, it becomes reality in you, realization in you. Listen! Largest untapped natural resource lying with humanity is Kundalini energy. When you awaken your Kundalini energy with the right knowledge, right context, right understanding and the right technique, right process, it can give you anything you want! Kundalini brings the space of Positivity to you, space of Possibility to you, space of Leadership to you, space of Enlightenment itself to you! Kundalini is Kalpataru; it gives anything you want, and the space of not wanting anything! pehle kundalini shakthi ki paribhasha suniye. kundalini shakthi aapme upastith jeev urja hai keval usey jaagrut karne ke baad hi vah aapke vaastaviktha ko parivartith kar sakthi hain. All the techniques, kriyas, yoga, pranayama, meditation, process, rituals, everything is only to awaken your Kundalini, either partially or fully. Vivekananda says beautifully, even during your intense prayers, it is your Kundalini which is awakened and answers to your prayers, responds to your prayers. All the religious traditions, spiritual traditions, mystical traditions, work only on awakening the Kundalini energy. If you remove the methods and process of Kundalini awakening from any religion, they will just become socio-political set-up. It is the Kundalini awakening process brings religiousness to religion. It is the Kundalini awakening process brings religiousness to religion, spirituality to spiritual traditions. Other than the Kundalini awakening process, everything else is a socio-political set-up, socio-politico rules and regulations. How the essence of a sweet is Sugar, essence of a religion is Kundalini awakening process. maanavtha ke saath sabse bada sansaadan har vyakthi ke bheethar ki kundalini shakthi hain. sabhi tantra, pranayama, yoga, kriya, ya sabhi keval aapki kundalini shakthi ko jaagruth karne hethu hi banaaye gaye hain. har dharma ke siddhant evam prakriya aapme upastith kundalini shakthi ko jaagruth karne ke liye hi banaaye gaye hain. Understand, Kundalini energy is your inner potential energy, inner potential bio-energy, physiological psychic energy. Psychological physic energy is sex. Physiological psychic energy is Kundalini. Listen! Psychological physic energy is sex. Physiological psychic energy is Kundalini. Means, if it is established in psychological space, but flows towards physical plane, it is lust. Even though it is established in the physical plane, moving towards the psychological plane, it is Kundalini. Kundalini shakthi aapke jeevan mein sambhaavana laathi hain, sakaaratmaktha laathi hain, nethrutva laathi hain, evam sarvochcha jeevan mukthi bhi laathi hain. Again and again, science is proving, even in our brain we are using less than 13% one three percent! Even the top scientists, people who are considered the most intelligent beings happened on the Planet Earth, like Einstein, even they all have used only one three percent of their brain, 13% of their brain! Then most of us must be using much less than that. Listen! Brain has two parts: one, mechanical parts which takes care of your mechanical functions of the body - movement of blood, movement of intestine, movement of the heart, movement of lungs, just the mechanical basic survival need, management part. It is like whenever you have bandh in India; means, every once a day! Already we don't work, why do we need bandh, I don't understand! Anyhow, we all have wrong methods of showing our protest. So, when we have bandh, we allow the basic survival needs to function, like milk, food, medicine supply. Same way, in your body, practically your whole life you are in bandh! You allow only the basic survival mechanism to function - lungs, heart, intestine, the minimum need. That is what I call mechanical parts of the brain. There is other part -- non-mechanical parts of the brain which is endowed with extraordinary powers. Please understand, powers like a telepathy, teleporting, materialization,

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