Experience the Power of Living at Inner Awakening

February 24, 2014


In today's (24th February, 2014) morning discourse by Paramahamsa Nithyananda Swamiji outlined the power of living at Inner Awakening Continuously your inner space decides the flow of your whole life in IA you will perceive what is suppose to be perceived, you will not perceive what you do not need to perceive but go on pursuing in IA - you are clear about you even in your dreams . * As long as you are drifting from your mamakara , * dream is lower frequency death * death is high frequency dream Indian civilization by very DNA is knowledge civilization . IA washes your brain from all brain washing. IA is real perception you bring it to your life . many time the vasanas you carry , ,you go on imagining the things you want, but go on doing against the thing you want. IA wakes you to the worst vasanas you carry . MEANING : Vasanas is mental pattern you carry and does exactly the opposite way I A aligns your priorities and actions together. If you don't know the science of achieving what you want, whatever you achieved is an accident. * Your life should not be an accident. you align your inner space to create the reality you want is IA . what you imagine and what you do are two completely opposite Power of Living - the purpose and reality becomes one and the same. Awaken yourself through the Power of Living is IA . Experientialy getting it into your system. For a normal man, fear or lust had become the driving energy. Let inspiration become driving energy for life. watch the full discourse, share and subscribe to be notified of the next upload http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=lifeblissfoundation 24th February, 2014 Morning Satsang by Paramahamsa Nithyananda visit

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