Failing Cannot make you a Failure

April 19, 2014


In today's (19th April 2014) morning satsang Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on experiencing advaitha. He explained how the first mistake we make is visualizing ourself with a small boundary. He went on to explain how the alternative identity is not a transformed identityand urged us to track the source of inauthenticities in us and complete with them. TRANSCRIPTS:- I will expand on experiencing Advaitha. As I committed, I will extend the time for finding your incompletions till tomorrow. Means, till the USA Monday morning, for USA Monday morning. Then it may be only on Tuesday (India time) I will be able to lead you to start the Completion process, because I gave a word I will extend the time, helping you all to discover your incompletions. Please listen! The first and foremost incompletion you develop is identifying you with a small boundary -- please listen -- identifying you with a small boundary. The first and foremost incompletion you experience in your life is identifying you with a small boundary. Just see, what do you feel about yourself in your dreams, early morning when you wake up, or your default idea about you. Understand! Please listen! Your altered idea about you will never be accepted as you by the people around you. Your teamily -- team + family = teamily -- your teamily is intelligent enough to recognize your default identity, and it will never, ever accept your altered identity as you, because twenty-four hours you will not be able to hold on to your altered identity, you will fall back on your default identity. So, please understand, the only way to get rid of the default identity is: first, recognizing that it is not your true identity; second, completing it. Alternative identity is not transformed identity. Alternative identity is not authentic identity. Just see: What is your default identity? You will see that frightened child, that terrorized child, all the time waiting to get tired, waiting to get bored, waiting to give up, already planning to break. When you start the business, already your default planning is, 'If it collapses and I go bankrupt, what should I do?' When you tie the knot for marriage itself, you think, 'If the marriage breaks and ends up in divorce, what should I do?' Everything, while you are starting itself! Please listen! I am not saying don't be careful. I am only saying, don't be foolish. This carefulness of a frightened child is nothing but not even getting out of your cradle! From cradle you directly want to jump into the grave; you don't want anything between the cradle and the grave. If both can be two-in-one, you will be more happy! Complete that frightened child inside. Actually, if you talk to your teamily and ask the help of your teamily to identify your incompletions and inauthenticities.... Actually the teamily can suggest only your inauthenticity; you only can find the root of incompletions based on the inauthenticity input. Please understand, identifying your incompletions based on the input from your teamily about your inauthenticity is what I describe, what I define in Sanskrit as "Aanava", "Aanor Bhaavaha". Means, the feeling of "belittled". Not, being little; belittled! Being can never be little! Feeling belittled. "Aanava", "Aanor bhaavaha"! Please understand, the word "Aanava", we always have a wrong meaning. We portray Ravana, or Hiranya, Hiranyaksha, Kamsa, Sishupala, to portray "Aanava". No! Understand, of course, they are all embodiments of "Aanava", no doubt, but not the context from which you understand. You always think "Aanava" means showing more than what you are. But "Aanava" means, "feeling lower than what you are". Only then you start showing more than what you are. Feeling belittled! Please understand, there is a big difference between these two. If you understand "Aanava" as showing more than what you are, you will start doing completely wrong exercise, trying to show yourself as very humble. I have seen in my life, these so-called humble people are the most poisonous fellows on Planet Earth! They are the most dangerous people on Planet Earth! Just to prove they are humble, they will do any nonsense! "Aanor bhaava"! The so-called humble people are the worst criminals, poisonous people, understand? Humility is not thinking less about you, it is thinking about you less! Humility is not thinking less about you, it is thinking about you less! Whether you identify yourself as bigger or smaller, thinking less about you is humility. Means, humility is all about the quantity of time you spend on you, not about the quality of time you spend on you, understand? Humility is all about the quantity of time you spend on you.

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