Fall Into Rise || Part 2 || NS || 19 April 2005

August 30, 2020


Title: Fall Into Rise Part 2 of 3 Name Program: Satsang Session on: Experience Freedom of Mind and End All Your Suffering Date: 19 April 2005 Venue: Yellow Springs, Ohio, USA In this video Supreme Pontiff of Hinduism HDH #Nithyananda Paramashivam elaborates on the experience of the reactive mind and #liberation from this by a process He calls as ‘dropping’. Whatever you think as you, just drop that. Whether we experience the sense of suffocation or the sense of boundary-lessness is not dependent on our outer world, but on our inner world. It is dependent on how many ‘energy clots’ we carry in our mental set up. Whatever we fall for, that will become the reality in our lives. When we “Fall In” we fall more for the inner world than for the outer world. When we fall for the outer world, we will make that as a reality. It is our decision whether we travel towards the Ephemeral (Pravriti ) or Eternal, the #ultimate, our being (Nivriti). When we travel inwards, we will just remember who we are. HDH #Nithyananda Paramsahivam explains how the mind cheats us over and over again by connecting the negative events in our lives. Even when we don’t worry for a while the mind will again come up with some worry, we are habituated to connect all the negative things and create an idea about the world and ourselves. The way we judge ourselves is the same as the way we judge the world. When we drop, we raise to the ultimate energy. Website and Social Media: http://www.kailaasa.org

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