Flow And Law Of Your Life, Yama Dharma

May 13, 2015


Today’s Nithya satsang (13 May 2015) from Varanasi on Kathopanisad in Living Advaita Series, Paramahamsa Nithyananda takes us into deeper context of the subject matter expanding on the science of Living. From the Akashic Records, He reveals the definition of Yama Dharma, the reader or Rishi of Katha Upanishad. By Nature, we are Living Consciousness. Yama, the flow of Life belongs to Consciousness and Dharma, the law of life belongs to matter. Confusion and overlap of law (dharma) for matter with flow (Yama) of Consciousness, causes knot of Consciousness or cit-jataa-granth – the root of all human suffering. Dharma, law of life that functions as matter(jata) is needed only for day-to-day life. Our Consciousness needs to always be cognized with flow of Life, Yama not with dharma, law; because then we freeze our life with tiredness and boredom and do not understand our conscious component. He proclaims, “Thou Shall Not Freeze Your Life By Mistaking Yama into Dharma.” In further revelations, he is going to sketch the entry of super-hero Naciketa.

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