Four Doors to Mystical Experience

about 10 years ago


01-june-2013 In today's morning satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda shares keys to the mastery of mystical powers. When we practice the Four Principles of Life we spontaneously evolve to higher and higher frequencies of power. The practice of integrity evokes vak siddhi, the voice of divine truth, gives us the ability to manifest our words as reality, and to know what others will say to us even before it is spoken. When we practice authenticity we develop such internal strength that no one thinks to oppose us. The practice of responsibility grants us a commanding presence so that others spontaneously follow our leadership. Enriching others with knowledge awakens spiritual understanding within us. As we stretch ourselves to the highest level we become masters of every mystery. TRANSCRIPTIONS:- I welcome you all with my love and respects. Today's subject for Nithya Satsangh: MYSTICISM CAN BE MASTERED BY THE FOUR TATTWAS. MASTERING THE MYSTICISM ZONE BY FOUR TATTWAS. Listen! Human mind cannot trust anything, cannot live anything unless it sees the direct result beyond their logic. Human mind cannot trust anything, cannot live anything, unless it sees the result beyond their logic and extraordinary. Four tattwas, how they help you to master the zone of mysticism and mystery; today I will expand on that. Please listen! Please come to the space of listening! Whenever you feel powerless, some conflict, contradiction, cornered, confronted, the anger, the energy gushes, just take Responsibility for it. It will simply become the energy of healing. It can become the energy through which you can command the world! I tell you, if you take the Responsibility for the gushing energy when you are confronted, it will not increase the pressure of your heart, it will increase the pressure of every heart, and they will be in tune with you! If your blood pressure increases, it is not going to make others' blood pressure increase. Listen. Listen. The words you think whole day, whole day the words you think, if you bring Integrity to it, you will be master of words. Vaak Siddhi does not mean making your words into reality alone. No! You will know what word the other guy is going to utter towards you at this moment, what will be the right word you can utter and move him as you want at this moment, all this put together is Vaak Siddhi! The right word which you will utter which will move the other person, the right word he will utter or the knowledge about the word he is going to utter and even Telepathy -- just you can utter certain words remembering somebody; you will see that person receives those words and responds to it -- all these put together is Vaak Siddhi. Please understand, I am talking very responsibly, very responsibly. I know I am talking in a national channel. That is why I am talking very responsibly. I am not promoting any superstition. Align yourself, bring yourself to Integrity; you will see whole day the power of words. The words you utter, the words uttered towards you and the words you want to utter, everything is thoroughly under your control and how the words you utter become reality. The words you utter towards you, the words you utter towards others, their power and the impact of your words on others, whole thing will be in your control. That is what I call Vaak Siddhi, and I tell you, it is simply possible! Simply it is possible. It is simply possible by practicing Integrity. Integrity means, listen, Integrity means the word you give for yourself and others should be honored as your life; honoring the word you give it to you and to others as life. If you start living this principle, please understand, there are millions of concepts, millions of words, so much knowledge, tons and tons and tons of knowledge, but unless it becomes experience, what is the use? There is no use of knowledge unless it becomes experience. When you bring Integrity as part of your life, when you bring Integrity in your thinking, you will have so much of inner space, powerfulness, clarity, strength, the words you utter towards others will be in your control, the words others utter towards you will be under your control, the impact you create through your words on others and the world will be under your control, the others words, the impact others words creates on you will be under your control. When you bring Authenticity to your thinking, please understand, bringing Authenticity into your thinking and your action, not just brings the result how much you expand! It is like there is a water canal. You remove only two feet mud which is covering the canal. Are you going to get water only for two feet land? The mud which is obstructing the canal; see, there is a water canal. Two feet high bund is there, mud which is obstructing the water flowing in that canal; if you remove the two feet mud, are you going to get water only for the two feet land? No! It is going to be flooded into two-hundred acre!

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