Four Easy Steps to Shivoham

November 19, 2014


In today’s (19th November, 2014) Morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda gives us an easy, logical technique to complete with doubts around the statement: I am Mahadeva! The problem is that we think our incompletions and patterns are the reality, making us doubt that we that are already Shiva. The best thing is that there are no prerequisites or conditions; it is only our logic that needs convincing. 1st of the KISS (Keep it Simple Series) of talks on Shivoham TRANSCRIPTS:- Listen! I will expand on ‘SHIVABODHA’. The word ‘bodha’ seems more down to earth than ‘Shiva Ananda’. The word ‘Shivananda’ seems to be very remote; but ‘Shivabodha’ seems to be immediate. ‘Shiva Ananda’ can be translated as ‘bliss of being Shiva’. ‘Shivabodha’ can be translated as ‘intoxication of being Shiva’. Whatever may be the translation, ultimately, experience is one. When the ‘bodha’ becomes permanent, it is ‘ananda’. When ‘ananda’ gives its glimpse once in a while, it is ‘bodha’, that’s all. When the intoxication becomes permanent, eternal, it is ‘bliss’. When the bliss comes once in a while and goes, it is ‘intoxication’, Shivabodha. See, it is a kind of a logical exercise you need to do, a simple logical exercise. The FIRST LOGIC you have to establish in yourself is: ‘My guru is the ultimate spiritual expression I know. As far as I know, my guru. There might have been bigger or smaller (gurus), I don’t know. But, whatever I know.... There might have been the greatest whisky, brandy, coffee, tea....might have been, might be....but what comes in my cup only I can drink. The best I can, I get it to my cup. The best I can is my guru...I know is my guru. That is the best spiritual expression I know. He told me clearly I am Mahadeva. Then, this is the path I need to start walking.’ That is the first logic you need to establish in you. SECOND: ‘He did not tell me if I become like this I am Mahadeva, if I behave like that I am Mahadeva, if I reduce my tummy I am Mahadeva or clean my face I am Mahadeva or shave my hair I am Mahadeva or leave my hair long I am Mahadeva. No! He said, ‘You ARE Mahadeva as you are’. Then the whole problem boils down to somewhere me not accepting it. There is no other factual, logical point that why I am not Mahadeva.’ Please understand, there is a vast difference between the stone temple built like this with a pillar, and this decoration structure. This is a decoration structure. Both may look like same, but there is a vast difference. Same way, all the reason why you think you are not Mahadeva are like this, the decoration pieces reason. Not, even though it looks like factual, but not factual reasons. Listen! Listen! This may look like pillar, but this cannot do the job of the pillar. It can be a decoration as pillar. Same way, the reasons you have why you are not Mahadeva are not factual. They are not cognizable. They are not real in Cosmic Law of Life. Because, your guru did not tell you if you become this, this, this, you are Mahadeva. No! I might have told if you experience Shivoham, this, this, may express through you. But I never tell; if I told I am withdrawing. Even if you understood, or heard, I am withdrawing those statements. No pre-condition for Shivoham. Shivoham is the unconditional truth. Shivoham is the unconditional apology Maya gives you, delusion gives you. It says, ‘You are That! Sorry for deluding you for all these days. Please forgive me. Unconditionally I am apologizing and leaving you.’ Understand, the SECOND LOGIC you need to establish inside you is: ‘There is no pre-condition, pre-qualification for me to experience, live, radiate Shivoham.’ And, I am also reminding you that Day One you will not be able to perfectly experience Shivoham; you don’t have to bother about it. Whatever YOU know as Shivoham! You may not be able to immediately sit under the Kalpavriksha and give initiation, enlightenment to people. But you will be able to easily give one small soap, comb, cloth, rudraksha you have around you. When somebody comes and asks, be like Mahadeva. Will Mahadeva say ‘No!’? No! Whatever YOU know as Mahadeva! I can give you some simple basic expressions of Mahadeva: SAT-CHIT-ANANDA. He is ‘Sat’ – Truth. He is ‘Chit’ – Conscious, alive. He is ‘Ananda’ – Bliss, bliss of constantly being himself; bliss of constantly being himself. LINK FOR FULL TRANSCRIPTS:- video/

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