Galvanise All Your Abilites

February 7, 2014


In today's (11th January, 2014 ) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda advises us to do self-completion with SDHD - self-doubt, self-hatred, and self-denial before asking any boon. Otherwise, we are not sure what we really want because we are in confusion, wasting our energy in self-assertion -- trying to convince others of our worth. Self-completion with SDHD gives us the clarity, self-confidence and energy to achieve whatever we want. TRANSCRIPTS:- Today I will continue to expand on kalpataru. Man has, without even knowing what he wants, does not wait for the maturity to happen even to understand what is going to fulfill him, what is going to make him happy and he thinks what he wants, he wants even if it is going to be suffering, even if it is not going to be joyful. Sometime that is what is surprising us. So then man does not want for the sake of want. He just wants to prove by wanting he is powerful. His ego ‘If I want I get it’. Please understand, many time I have seen; I will give you one example. Child comes and asks ‘I want 10000 ice creams.’ Naturally, the 10000 ice creams if the kid eats everything, he is going to get diabetic and cold and all diseases. Instead if we advice the kid, you see, ‘what for you are asking ice cream? The sweetness, the joy you experience; so ask directly that as a boon. Let you always have joy and sweetness; sweetness in your tongue and throat and the joy which comes because of it.’ Child don’t accept. He will say ‘No I want only the 10000 ice creams.’ And all the side effects which it brings, disturbance in the health and whatever. And he knows he will not be able to eat 10000. He can’t cross 11th ice cream. Maximum he may be able to have 10 or if it is like a challenge or competition he will go up to some 50-60; not more than that. The whole remaining 9900 are going to be wasted. Neither he is going to enjoy and instrument through which he is going to enjoy is going to be destroyed once for all. That is exactly the mentality with which we human beings ask. And we are not ready to listen any advice about what we are asking. We are very straight. I have seen people asking me ‘if you are capable give what I am asking. I don’t want your advice. If you can, bless and give what I am asking. Stop with it! Don’t talk more than that. Quickly either you give tathasthu or I will go to next shani mahatma temple is there. I will go there.’ It is now like a buyer’s market. It is no more a seller’s market. The boon, spiritual benefits, all this has become now buyers market. Buyers choose from where they want to get. So they do not want you to give any advice. I am seeing some more cities joining – Indrani New Jersey and New York Varanasi. I welcome all of you. Yes. Let’s continue. Human beings does not use their intelligence and does not want intelligence when they ask for something. Please listen not wanting for intelligence is also self denial. It means what? You are really not interested in enjoying but you are interested in just proving your powerlessness as right. This kid says ‘no I don’t want the sweetness in my throat give me only 10000 ice creams’. Then what it means? He is only just interested in proving to everyone ‘see I have 10000 ice creams’. Nobody wants intelligence. But I tell you a little bit of intelligence; I am not even taking you to some impractical level, what you think as impractical level. In a very practical level, if you think with basic intelligence, if you look in with a basic understanding, that is enough. A common intelligence if you can use that will do so much to your body and mind and being. Please listen, completing with the self doubt and self hatred and self denial frees you from so much of energy being wasted in unnecessary direction of just self assertion. Please understand so much of your energy is wasted just to assert yourself to others; which is not required. Because you have so much self doubt about you, you want to strengthen yourself, feel powerful by proving yourself to others. No. If you want to feel powerful towards you, if you want to feel powerful with you, complete your self-doubt. That is the easiest method. Instead of touching the nose like this you try to do all gymnastics to touch your nose. No need. Listen. Feel sure about you by completing with your SDHD - self doubt hatred denial. Feeling sure about you is not going to happen by proving yourself to others because the more you prove yourself to others, the more doubt you will start developing inside you – ‘I am convincing everyone but why I am not able to convince me? I am convincing everyone but why I am not able to convince me?’

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