Ganesha Chaturthi Message - Ganesha the Deity for Completion

August 30, 2014


In today’s (29th August 2014) morning Satsang, Paramahamsa Nithyananda expanded on two truths of life. Allowing incompletions to exist in you is saying you don’t want your life under your control. This is the ultimate irresponsibility. At the time of death if you believe your incompletions you will take birth again. If you have the cognition that everything is internal and only completion matters you will have enlightenment. Taga-Paramahamsa Nithyananda, two truths of life, allowing incompletions, saying you don’t want your life under your control, ultimate irresponsibility, if you believe your incompletions, take birth aagain,you hav cognition that everything is eternal and only completion matters you will have enlightenment TRANSCRIPTS:- Today I wanted to expand on two important truths in life. Please understand, the first truth: Allowing incompletions to exist is literally declaring that you yourself don’t want your life in your control. Please understand, ALLOWING THE INCOMPLETIONS TO EXIST IN YOU IS YOU DECLARING THAT YOU DON’T WANT YOUR LIFE UNDER YOUR CONTROL. You say, ‘No, no, let life happen whatever. I cannot take the responsibility. I cannot keep it under my control.’ No! Listen! Please listen! The utter irresponsibility, utter irresponsibility.....! The power of incompletion is such, it deludes you so much, you literally believe you really cannot contain your own life, or contain yourself. See, just because you are temporarily upset, you go on taking decisions which permanently damage you. That is the most difficult part of life, please understand. Just because you are temporarily upset, you go on making decisions which permanently damage you. And, the incompletions are such they will never let you grow. It is like somebody was asked, ‘What is your age?’ He said, ‘Twenty-two.’ The person who asked the question said, ‘What?!! For the last five years you are telling the same thing!’ This fellow said, ‘Yes, yes, I don’t change my words!’ Many times, not changing your words is like not growing. Not changing your cognition means, not growing. Listen! Not changing your cognition means, not growing. It is so unfortunate, it is really, really unfortunate that you feel incompletions are really, really true. The problem is, when the delusion happens, when the incompletion attacks you, when the panic attack happens, you really feel incompletions are true. That is the problem. When the dust-storm, sandstorm happens, you really feel you cannot do anything. You are paralysed, you are crippled..... temporarily; but, you feel it is eternal, please understand. Suffering, the quality of suffering is, even if it is temporary, It will give you the experience it is going to be there on you eternally. You won’t find the end of the tunnel. You won’t find the other side of the tunnel. You will feel, ‘Oh, it is going somewhere.....’ and, gone! Same way, the bliss! when you experience it completely without self doubt this bliss be with me or go away?’ – that gives you the experience it will be with you forever, eternally. Understand, anything you experience at this moment intensely gives you the experience of eternity. Understand, so many qualities attributed to Ganesha are qualities of Completion. These incompletions, they just totally imbalance you. Constantly decide you will be in the space of Completion. Completions means COMPLETION! No question of powerlessness. No question of powerlessness. Everything you do, everything you do should be from powerfulness, from the space of Completion. First thing you need to do in your life is bringing Completion. Last two years I am repeating this same word, still I am not bored about it! Still I feel I have to repeat! Because, it has brought so much good to everyone. It has brought so much of good to so many people. For every problem, everyone in the ashram now knows the solution. Whether they practice it or not is secondary. Whether they do it or not is secondary. At least they know that this is the solution. Now they may flare up, vomit, blast bite. But, after ten minutes, when they cool down, the first thing, they know the solution is Completion. I tell you the secret of life: Even if you are struggling, once your inner-space starts believing Completion is the solution, you are liberated! Don’t worry! Because, during the time of death, all your incompletions will become irrelevant. You cannot carry your petty fights with everyone when you go through the thrall of death. At that time, you will have only two choices: whether to believe the cognition of Completion, or cognition of incompletion. Means, whether the incompletions with which you lived are true or not.

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